2021 Trends in Email Marketing

Email marketing is any form of email communication that a company sends out to prospective clients with the intention of them making a purchase. Email marketing also entails sending emails to people who are already clients with updates of the product they like or new products they might like. In simple words, email marketing is personalized communication based on trust from your brand to your contacts.

Email marketing automation is a form of digital marketing strategy. The other forms are SEO, social media, content creation and marketing, influencer marketing and pay per click. Email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of marketing where the return on investment is 44/1. This is according to Optinmonster.

Not all marketing emails yield the same results. You have to be strategic and calculative for the email to be effective. Your emails should show that you understand your clients and what they like. That is why every contact in your email list is unique and needs a unique email. Here are some of the trends in email marketing.

  1. Email is the most effective online marketing tool and growing

Social media has many privacy issues and complex algorithms. This makes email marketing the most preferred and effective mode of digital marketing. Email marketing services grew by over 40% in 2020. Many people prefer to get product information from emails because they get comprehensive reports on products. Since 2019, the growth rate of landing pages and pop-ups grew by 70 % and 75% respectively. This resulted in new email orders tripling in 2021. With the pandemic affecting the whole world, people switched to buying products from online and there is not a better way to give detailed information about your product and services than email marketing.

2. People are craving authentic and positive content

Having authentic and unique content in your emails makes it easy to engage your clients and convert them. The goal is to offer value directly to your clients. You take your consumers time by sending them emails. Consequently, it is only right to make the content in the emails interesting. If you have a boring email that does not touch them in any way, they will ignore the emails you send next.

3. Businesses based on newsletters

Many traditional publishers and newsrooms have been facing hard times because of Covid-19. Most companies have migrated into paid newsletters. Many newsmakers have also moved to this route. This way, writers and journalists can keep giving us news while still making a living. Many journalists are creating newsletters according to the niches they are good at.

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4. Email personalization at scale

You can personalize emails at a scale. This means that even if you have millions of subscribers and users, you can still make each one feel special. Email automation has been growing at a fast rate with over 60% increase in the automation by Mailerlite.

5. The rise of no-code tools

There are over 40 new products on ProductHunt on a daily basis. With the increase of new products in the market, there is a need for non-technical tools to be created to help business owners market their products. There are tools that can help you create websites without writing any code. Such tools help businesses reach their marketing goals easily.

With that said, learn how to write emails that your audience finds interesting enough. Update your clients regularly and reply to their responses and emails in real-time. That way, you can remain on top of your marketing skills.

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