It is significant to understand the many forms of drama in literature in order to comprehend what is drama in literature. There are many different types of drama, but only the four major types will be discussed here. Comedy, tragedy, tragicomedy, and melodrama. These encompass many aspects of drama, such as storyline, characters, music, conversation, and so on. In addition, most plays incorporate aspects of one or more of these genres.

What are the four main forms of Drama?

#1 Comedy:

Comedy is a genre of drama in which the goal is to make the audience laugh. It has a bright tone and a generally positive finish. The original definition of comedy may be traced back to the Ancient Greek theater, when it initially appeared as a kind of drama.

Humor is split into subcategories such as lampoon, farce, satire, dark comedy, and so on.

Every kind of humor has a certain target audience. Surprisingly, such choices may be influenced by a person’s cultural upbringing.

#2 Tragedy:

Tragedy is a form of drama in which the protagonist or hero’s weaknesses bring him or her down. Murders, deaths, insane people, and agony are all prominent themes in tragedies. The main characters almost always have a flaw or flaws that lead to their downfall.

Tragedies originally appeared in Ancient Greek theater. It survived the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and later periods, just like comedy.

According to Aristotle, the goal of tragedy is to elicit specific feelings from the audience, such as sorrow and terror, so that they leave the theater with a better knowledge of the ways of gods and mankind.

#3 Tragicomedy:

Tragicomedy is a unique type of drama that mixes tragedy and comedy elements. This means that the play might be sad but have a joyful conclusion, or it could be serious yet have some laughter sprinkled throughout it.

Tragicomedy, unlike comedy and tragedy, developed later, under the Roman Empire. Plautus, a Roman playwright, was the first to write and use the term tragicomedy.

There were stringent restrictions regarding composing play before Plautus; it had to be either comedy or tragedy. These genres were never fused together.

#4 Melodrama:

Melodrama is the fourth and final kind of drama. It’s a sort of drama where everything is exaggerated. Melodramas usually have basic themes and do not have any unexpected story twists. In these dramas, there are a lot of stereotypes.

The goal of a melodrama, on the other hand, is not to tell a narrative but to elicit emotions in the audience. Melodramas typically include attractive heroines, charming heroes, and terrifying antagonists.

Melodrama, unlike comedy, tragedy, and tragicomedy, was born much later. It originally emerged towards the end of the 18th century in France.

Later, it made its way to the United Kingdom, where it became one of the most popular forms of theatre in the nineteenth century.

Melodrama had such a profound impact on society that it has survived to the present day, even infiltrating other realms of literature and entertainment.

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