4 Must-Read Books on Education (an updated list)

Finding books on education may not be a tedious job. However, finding the best amongst them can be tough. Educational books have many things to tell you. Some of them might amuse you, and some of them may not. If you look for the best-selling books, you will always find the top-rated educational books list.

But you don’t have to get worried, as you are at the right place. This article brings you the top four must-read educational books that you can’t ignore. If you want to learn all those soft skills and ideas while pursuing your education, these are some of the best-selling books that you must read. Here have a look at four top-notch educational books.

Top 4 Must-Read Books on Education

Invaluable by Maya Grossman 

Do you have bold career goals? If yes! Then this is the book that you might need. This educational book helps you learn proper skills to achieve success. If you already have a couple of degrees, but you don’t find what you want, you can read this book. Maya Gross is a marketing expert and a career coach who teaches you the best soft skills every professional include. The book also helps you learn those talents that every company would like to acquire.

Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover 

The next book on the list is one of the most acclaimed books of your time. This book is an exceptional memoir about a woman who kept out of school. The story tells you how the woman leaves her survivalist family and moves abroad to read at Cambridge University. This is an educational and motivational book that helps you learn the ideas to achieve your goals. Moreover, the book is all about having a solid determination to achieve success. Thus, this is also a great book to read.

The privileged poor by Anthony Abraham Jack 

This is another book that won many awards. The book holds the title of NPR’s favorite book of the Year Winner award. Besides, it also gets the American Educational Studies association winner award. This book reveals to you how disadvantaged students struggle in the most elite colleges. It also helps you learn the ideas about what the schools can do if the students are really thriving to read. Moreover, the book is all about the struggle of the less privileged students while continuing their college.

Choosing college by Michael B. Horn, Bob Moesta

If you are choosing a college after your school, this book will be the best guide. The college strips reveal the knowledge to make a high-stake decision while going to your school for further studies. The research in this book helps you know how choosing a college is a tedious job. The book offers you more than 200 mini-documentaries about students who chose a different post-secondary educational career. You can learn from their experiences by reading these best-selling books.


Winding up, these are the top four must-read books on education. All these books offer you insights into the career in schools and colleges. Thus, if you want to make a profitable decision, you must read all these books.

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