4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Filter

Clean and safe drinking water is fundamental to people’s health and well-being. That’s why it’s crucial to have access to clean water in the household, and having a water filter can help ensure that you and your family get to have safe, potable drinking water all day.

A water filter can help remove harmful bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and other contaminants that can cause sickness and waterborne infectious diseases. There are many brands of water filters in the market today. Therefore, you should be keen on buying the most efficient one for your family.

Check out these important things you need to consider when purchasing a water filter for your home.

1. Choose Advanced Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

If you want a high-quality water filter, one of the most sought-out technology is a water filtration system that uses advanced stage reverse osmosis. You can try Filtap and other similar brands if you want to further embrace this technology

So, what is reverse osmosis? This Waterdrop RO water filter system purification process separates large particles, unwanted molecules, and ions in a partially permeable membrane. Furthermore, advanced stage reverse osmosis removes chlorides, chemicals, metals, and solids to ensure your drinking water is pure, clean, and safe.

Here are the five stages of the advanced reverse osmosis process:

  • Stage One: This stage gets rid of dust, rust, and sludge using sediment prefilter.
  • Stage Two: This stage uses a granular activated carbon filter to provide membrane protection and remove chlorine.
  • Stage Three: This stage involves removing microparticles using an ultrafine membrane filter.
  • Stage Four: This stage uses a prolonged-contact-time filter to get rid of dust and fine grain.
  • Stage Five: The last stage utilizes a carbon polishing post water filter to produce tasty drinking water.

2. Company’s Reputation And Experience

Like any other product or service, you must get your home water filtration systems from a trusted and experienced provider. While there are many reasons to install a water filter at home, it’s also crucial to know why you need to deal with a reputable water filter manufacturer and installer, and this includes the following:

  • Ensure High-Quality Products: Dealing with a reputable seller or manufacturer of water filters ensures that they only offer excellent quality products. Be wary of manufacturers offering below the standard pricing of water filtration products, which could indicate using cheap materials.
  • Fast And Expert Installation: A good supplier offers free installation. They can install water filters in less than 30 minutes without compromising workmanship because their technicians are experienced and accredited professionals in the industry.
  • Peace Of Mind: By working with a reputable water filter company, you gain assurance that you’ll have clean and safe drinking water for years to come. Experts provide helpful free advice as to the maintenance of your water filters at home as well.

3. Safety Standard Certification

It’s not enough for the company to advertise how they ensure the quality of their water filters. Find a company that can vouch for their claims by checking their certifications, accreditations, safety seals, and other evidence of health and safety compliance from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and other respectable agencies and organizations.

By checking the company’s certifications, you can be assured that a trusted independent certification body has tested the water filter you’re planning to get. You can check the certifications of a water filter manufacturer on their website. They usually show a mark or seal.

4. Types, Features, And Benefits

While the advanced stage reverse osmosis water filtration is the best type of water filter you can get, there are other types that can also guarantee clean and safe drinking water for a small household.

Water filters come in different types and filtration stages. You should consider the features and benefits each type offers to determine the best water filter for your home. Check the manufacturer’s installation and care instructions to find out if they’re suitable for your needs.

The different types of water filters aside from reverse osmosis include the following:

  • Activated Carbon: They’re made from coconut shell granules that absorb contaminants. Carbon filters come in various styles including portable bottles, benchtop units, jug filters, tap filters, plumbed under the sink, and a centralized active carbon water filtration system for the whole house.
  •  structured water:  Theycome in cartridge style and used in an under sink or benchtop system. Ceramic filters trap contaminants in ceramic pores but require more maintenance and are usually more expensive than carbon filters.
  • Vortex water: Vortex water also known as structured water is the type of water that has been through a special treatment solution that restores its structure and vitality, making it much more beneficial for our health
    and well-being.
  • Other Types: The other types of water filters include ultraviolet systems and ionizers. UV systems kill microorganisms by UV light exposure.


Before you buy a water filter, it’s essential to consider the above things. Make sure that you know how the process works and only deal with a reputable supplier. Your family’s health and safety are at risk if you settle with poor quality water filters. If you want peace of mind, invest in excellent quality water filters that are backed up by professionals and safety standards.

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