5 Traditional Gold Jewellery in India and its Significance

India is famous for two major things – its cultural history and exquisite traditional gold jewellery. Indian women love to wear jewellery and they have their traditional gold jewellery designs from head to toe. There are various auspicious occasions where a certain piece of jewellery is essential to wear. It is believed that those jewellery forms are worn as a mark of auspiciousness to invite good luck and prosperity. People love to invest in gold jewellery and gift their dear ones on special occasions. The collection of exquisite jewellery symbolizes power, prosperity, status, immense wealth, and financial security to the owner that can be used at the time of economic turmoil.

Here is the list of a few traditional gold jewellery that an Indian woman love to wear and its significance.

1. Head Jewellery

Maangteeka and Mathapatti: it is a traditional piece of jewellery with a chain attached to a beautiful pendant. The size of the pendant may vary from very small to very large. At the end of the chain, there is a hook that helps the maangtika to stick to the hairs properly. Matha Patti is also headgear decorated with chains and strings and a maangtika attached to its center.

These headgears are worn in the center portion of the forehead which is considered as the place of the sixth chakra – a power of the soul responsible for protection.

2. Traditional Hair Jewellery

Jadanagam: it is a hair ornament mostly worn in South India. It is worn as an accessory of braided hair. They are available in various designs having different patterns of sun, moon, flowers, and buds embedded on it. This ornament is pinned from the back of the head to the tail of the braid.

This ornament symbolizes brilliance and power.

3. Earrings

These are generally made of gold and silver and are available in various sizes, colors, and designs. This piece of jewellery is not only worn by a woman it is loved by men also. They are available in various designs called jhumkas, balis that are supported with kanvelis and sahara chains.

It is a belief that wearing ornaments in the ear can bring a complete state of well-being.

2. Neck Jewellery

A gold necklace set is available in various designs and forms. Every tradition has its kind of neck jewellery. There are gold choker neckpieces, long rani haar, Maharashtrian jewellery has kolhapuri saaj, mohan mala, etc.

It is a belief that as a necklace is close to the heart, it regulates blood pressure and heart rate and strengthens love and emotions.

3. Nose Jewellery

A nose pin or ring is a piece of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery that is available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Every culture has its type and ladies wear the small ones in their daily lives whereas the traditional ones are on special occasions. There are Shikarpuri Nath from Punjab, Nathni admired in Rajasthan and Gujarat, Maharashtrian jewellery has guchhedar nath.

It is a belief that nose piercing promotes the health of a woman and in many cultures, it is celebrated as famous ritual.

Other Gold Jewellery 

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