5 Web Series On Zee5 Global That Will Keep You Hooked Until The Very End

The number of direct-to-streaming shows and documentaries that are making their way to video-streaming platforms has been rising for the past few years. Some are meant to make you feel good, while others are designed to make you forget your reality for a while. Additionally, some are meant to keep you hooked onto your seats while showing you the truth of the world that we live in, such as The Kashmir Files Unreported on ZEE5 Global. This article will talk about 5 such streaming web series that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting for more.

1. The Kashmir Files Unreported

Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, this web series is probably as heart-wrenching and harrowing as it could get. The Kashmir Files Unreported has real-life survivor stories from people who have witnessed a warzone-like situation endured by several members of the Kashmiri Pundit community who were subjected to the genocide and the eventual exodus of its survivors. On top of it, the viewers will also get to hear the opinions of various journalists and scholars who are well-versed in the subject. The series will make its streaming debut on ZEE5 Global in select countries very soon.

  1. Chadarangam

This Telugu ZEE5 Global original political thriller is a contemporary and partially fictionalized retelling of the real-life events that took place in an undivided Andhra Pradesh that was under the reigns of NTR. Chadarangam is the tale of alleged ulterior political agendas, the search for truth, and the quest to make the reality of the political situation of a state known to the public of the state in spite of many hurdles. This 9-part series is directed by Raj Anantha and marks the digital debut of Meka Srikanth. This web series also sees renowned actor Vishnu Manchu make his debut as a producer of a streaming show. The drama series, which is available for streaming on ZEE5 Global, has a rating of 7/10 on IMDb.

2. Taj: Divided By Blood

This historical series, which made its streaming debut in March 2023, is a part factual and part fictional story that explores the dark side of the Mughal Dynasty at a time when Akbar the Great was at the helm of it. One of the masterful feats of this series is that it neither tries to paint an aging Akbar in a bad light nor does it try to bash him. The web series is also colloquially dubbed the Indian Game Of Thrones, which sees Naseeruddin Shah play a version of Akbar at the end of his term as the ruler of the dynasty. The series can be streamed on ZEE5 Global right away.

3. Expiry Date

This twisted and jaw-dropping thriller web series made its streaming debut on ZEE5 Global in October 2020. This series is all about love, trust, deception, and the vengeance that its protagonists ultimately go on to seek. We would tell you more about the show here, but it would prove to be a spoiler. To know what the show is about, stream it on ZEE5 Global right away.

4. Fittrat

This enthralling series, which has been created by Ekta Kapoor, is the story of two friends played by Anushka Ranjan and Krystle D’Souza. While Ranjan plays the part of a well-to-do girl named Amrita, D’Souza plays Tarini, an ambitious gold-digger. Things get complicated when Amrita’s fiancé falls for Tarini. The result of the same is a gripping web series that you would simply love to binge.

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