6 Things You Need to Know Before Tool Servicing

Tool servicing is a process that you will need to do periodically for your tools. It involves making sure the blades and other parts are sharpened and in good condition before use. Tool servicing can be done by hand or with a machine, depending on the type of tool. This blog post discusses few things that you should know about before you service your tools and to know more you may also have a look at

1. Know the different types of tools.

There are dozens and dozens of tool servicing options available in today’s market, so it can be overwhelming to know which one is best for you. For hand-held tools such as knives and plane blades, honing steel should be used to hone them instead of sharpening them with a grinder or whetstone since this may damage their temper. It is recommended that when using these stones, you use lubrication such as water or oil on the stone while sharpening your blade.

2. Know what you need to do before servicing your tools.

When sharpening a tool, the blade must be free of all burrs and any other material such as rust or dirt that may cause damage while using them. Burrs can occur during use on cutting surfaces like wood or metal, depending on where they were used.

3. Know how they service your tools.

There are several ways of sharpening and servicing different blades, such as grinders for circular saws or whetstones used for knives. However, for more heavy-duty tools like planer blades that require a lot of force, it is best to use an electric grinder rather than doing this task by hand where you can cause damage if not careful.

4. Know what you should expect from the service.

Depending on who is servicing your tools, a few steps will take place before they are done being serviced. For example, if it’s a machine-sharpening service, then the blades could have scratches or other damage from this process. In addition to blade sharpness and condition of surface material, stoning them can also bring out unsightly marks if not careful when doing so.

5. Know how to take care of your tools once they are serviced.

After sharpening or servicing, you must protect them from rusting and any other damage after each use and before you put them away in your tool kits. This will also keep the blades in good condition for future use as well. Depending on what type of service was done to these tools, they may need more protection than others, like with machine-sharpened blades since their edges can’t be touched up by hand afterward.

6. Know the benefits of tool servicing.

Tool servicing is necessary for prolonging your blades and tools since they can become dull over time, depending on how often you use them. It isn’t recommended to do this process too frequently unless it’s a machine service, but when needed will prevent damage to these parts that cause problems with performance in the future if not serviced properly.


With all these things in mind about tool servicing, make sure you choose an experienced professional for the best results. The right equipment and technique used during the process ensure safety while using the tools afterward to avoid injury or damages.

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