Advice on selecting LED lighting

As with anything new in life, it helps to be knowledgeable in order to have better standards and, as a result, be able to select what is most appropriate.

You must know how to pick to move from incandescent or halogen bulbs that save energy to LED illumination. It is not particularly difficult; at EcolUZLED, we assist you in selecting the LED technology that best suits your requirements.

Due to the current forecasts, the price of energy is rising and is not expected to stabilize. Even without including the costs associated with the commercial and industrial sectors, energy consumption is a significant burden in all families today.

The electricity bill is one of the crucial expenses to consider in light of the situation we are currently facing (a problem we hope to be able to solve soon).

Important considerations when selecting an LED bulb or LED luminaire include:

  • opening stance the area that will provide us light.
  • the brightness. a warm, natural, or frigid setting.
  • the luminance The goods that we are going to buy will have luminosity.
  • Power. We speak of its energy usage.
  • Whether the light bulbs have a cap or base

Look at the comparative consumption figures to determine which LED bulb most closely resembles the installed bulb if you plan to replace the bulbs or luminaires that you have installed.

Checking to determine if the sort of bulb we have put operates directly at 220V is another crucial consideration. Yes, it is as easy as taking one out and putting the other in.

If the bulb in question operates at 12V, or low voltage, our advise is to replace the magnetic transformer with an LED one. This is because, despite what is claimed in the market to be true, the magnetic transformer does not perform flawlessly in our opinion.

We are aware that using a magnetic transformer can shorten the useful life of these LED bulbs in the short to medium term, and this is not strongly advised in locations where the bulbs are used for a significant portion of the day.

The reactance and the primer must be taken out in the case of T8 fluorescent tubes in order for them to function.

Newly installed

Without a doubt, we advise LED technology if you must purchase the entire device brand-new. The bulk of components are constructed of PVC, ceramic, and aluminum, which ensures a long lifespan for the lighting item you select.

You can see the various bases or caps in the photographs below, along with a technical page that explains the many kinds of lighting effects.

The LED lights’ tones

The various hues of white light serve as the foundation for light tones, or color temperature as they are often known.

They promise us a range of light tones so we can adjust to any lighting conditions.

Degrees Kelvin are used to measure it. We typically operate with lighting between 2400oK to 7000oK, whether indoors or out, and we may categorize it into 5 different types:

We will design warm surroundings that promote a sense of well-being by using warm lighting. We may elegantly and uniformly illuminate each space by selecting the best opening angle offered by LED bulbs.

– Residences: Lounges, dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and terraces.

Restaurants, cafes, hotels, gardens, fountains, swimming pools, and businesses that sell home decor are all located in public areas and must have a friendly atmosphere.

3000oK to 3500oK is advised.

The daytime bulb

The most like of the early sun’s light in appearance, with a natural light tone. It is perfect for general lighting. The lightest shade will be the one that most closely resembles the natural color of goods as a whole.

– Residences: Laundries and kitchens.

– Work spaces, restrooms, and kitchens in restaurants, cafeterias, motels, and decorative stores.

– Business in general: The marketing materials for the products must be in this light tone.

Optimum: 4000oK to 4500oK

A little bit bluish, with the color of chilly light. Experts claim that it improves people’s performance. The best light efficiency is produced by the tone of light, without a doubt.

– Hospitals: Reception areas, surgical suites.

– Garages: spaces for parking.

– Work centers, including offices and classes.

– Supermarkets: This sort of store’s general illumination.

-Shops: One of the key claims is the facades of all of these establishments.

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