Best bingo games online 

Bingo became popular in the UK during and after the Second World War. At the peak of its popularity, bingo was played in over 500 bingo halls in the UK. The number of active bingo halls has dropped to just above 300 these days but what is lost in land-based bingo is compensated in online bingo. What we have learned over 70+ years of playing bingo is that this game is timeless and is here to stay!

This article is dedicated to the best options of bingo that can be found online – click to view a selection here. If you’re a fan of the classic game you will certainly enjoy the online version which comes with more options and possibilities than any bingo hall can offer! 

90 Ball Bingo 

The classic bingo game in the UK, also known as “Housie”, can be enjoyed online through one of the many bingo providers. Played with numbers 1 to 90, this is a fast-paced game of bingo where the players aim to land one of three possible winning patterns: one line, two lines or a full house. 

You might be asking what are the benefits of playing 90 Ball Bingo online as opposed to a bingo hall? Here are some aspects of online 90 Ball games that often attract players: 

  • Winning potential increases with progressive jackpots which are up for grabs in online bingo games.
  • A range of ticket prices is available when playing online, meaning that any player will find a suitable game.  

75 Ball Bingo 

Commonly known as “American Bingo”, this game is a popular alternative to the classic “Housie”. The playing numbers are 1 to 75 which allow for a little bit more time between calls, bringing the pace down a notch. What is more, there are over 200 possible winning patterns! Apart from the usual horizontal lines and a full house, the players can be rewarded for completing diagonal lines and vertical lines as well as lots of special patterns, such as the outline of the ticket, a middle square, the shape of a diamond or letter patterns, for example, “A”.

75 Ball Bingo games differ greatly from website to website and offer a breath of fresh air for seasoned players. 

  • An interesting game of bingo with ever-changing winning patterns.
  • A highly adjustable game, where you can select the number of players that you wish to play against as well as purchase lots of Heart Bingo reviews tickets. I hope this article will help you to get a clear image of Heart Bingo reviews Bingo Casino.


Perhaps the most innovative form of bingo is presented in Slingo games. Available in online casinos as well as on bingo websites, Slingo is a fusion between slots and bingo!

The goal of this game is to complete a winning pattern on your bingo card – standard and easy! However, the caller is replaced by a set of reels in Slingo. Spin the reels to see your lucky numbers roll out and mark them off on your card. 

  • A new and exciting way to play bingo! A range of winning patterns is available as well as some additional rewards such as jackpots.
  • A highly varied game with a lot of betting options

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