Best external iPhone microphone for Vlogging 2021

The best video Vlogging microphone of 2021

There is no denying that video Vlogging is one of the hottest online trends right now. No longer bound by the static images and texts of simple vlogs, various video Vloggers are changing the face of online marketing. Last year YouTube’s highest income was not a celebrity or fashion guru, but a 9-year-old kid, which may surprise you.

YouTube, where most video Vloggers host their content, is the second most visited social network after Google and the second most visited website on the Internet. Being part of the Google site, videos uploaded to YouTube can also have a strong impact on SEO.

Most importantly, YouTube is where your audience spends a lot of time online. Recent reports show that viewers spend 1 billion hours on YouTube every day—more than Netflix and Facebook Video combined. Video is very attractive to us because we are a visual species and our time is getting shorter and shorter (attention duration matches) for shooting all kinds of videos. The SYNCO Mics are the best choice. Read the entire article for getting more info about it.

Essential video Vlogging equipment

If you want your own potentially profitable vlog, the two pieces of equipment you need are a camera and a microphone. And yes, you should have both. Many popular video Vlogging cameras have built-in microphones, but all cameras are designed with image quality first, so audio is usually considered later.

In addition to poor sound quality, the biggest problem with built-in microphones is that they are designed to record everything around you. You may end up hearing a lot of environmental noise, no one wants to hear your mom yelling in the background, or the trash can outside is emptied.

As the demand for video space grows, home studio technologies such as cameras and microphones have become cheaper and cheaper in the past year.

Types of video vlogs microphones

As we mentioned above, some microphones are designed to record everything around-these are called omnidirectional microphones. The others are only used to record one direction (one-way).

The most popular type of video Vlogging is the unidirectional microphone, which is suitable for recording human voices. In the SYNCO Microphone category, you can choose from different types of microphones depending on your camera or phones, the type of ambient noise you are making, and the type of video you are making.

Here is a brief overview of these options and when you can use them:

USB microphone

The vast majority of YouTube users and video Vloggers choose USB microphones. These are perfect for any content you record near your computer, including game walkthroughs, product demos, tutorials, music, interviews, reviews, and voiceovers. You can read the features of one of our favorite Rode NT-USB condenser microphones below.

Smartphone microphone

Although this is not the best quality option, some video Vloggers choose to use their phone microphone for recording. If you go this way, you must have an external microphone because the audio quality provided by the built-in microphone is poor but SYNCO mini microphone for iPhone is a popular choice for iOS devices.

DSLR microphone

These microphones are installed on the hot shoe of a digital DSLR camera (some point-and-shoot cameras have, but not all), which is a good choice if you are shooting outdoors or away from your computer. The most common type is the SYNCO Mic, which you can see from the site, which is one of our favorite DSLR camera microphones. It’s not more expensive than other options, but if the quality is important to you. We recommend SYNCO microphones for all kinds of phones.

The best external microphone for Android phones in 2021, can record high-quality voice

The best external microphone for iPhone: As a video blogger, you need to create high-quality content to stand out. Millions of content creators are working hard to provide users with high-quality videos. The video alone is not enough to engage your audience; you should also pay attention to the quality of the audio. SYNCO microphones come with the best external microphone for iPhones. There are many microphones on the market that can help you record high-quality audio for videos. Some people tend to record the audio separately and synchronize the audio with the video when editing but SYNCO microphones are better than others.

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