Best Seed Bank to Buy Marijuana Seed in 2022

U.S is gradually legalizing marijuana. This legalization has given many a chance to grow a small garden. Growing cannabis from licensed seed or seedling in most regions is lawful for personal use with a four plant restriction per residence.

Finding the best seed bank is the first step to growing your cannabis. That’s challenging because there’s a vast and increasing market of seed banks with varying quality. To assist you, we researched the best seed banks available.

Best Seed Bank Seed Supreme

  • 100% germination guarantee
  • All seeds are tested, certified, and handpicked.
  • Free shipping over $90 .
  • Secure Shippment
  • 24/7 customer service

Why We Love Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme is the Best Seed Banks for a reason. The Seed Supreme company has been around for 17 years. The Seed Supreme team’s mission has always been to help producers maximize their yields and THC levels through refining cannabis genetics.

They have also developed over 30 distinct in-house strains that they sell. Despite having over 100 strains, Seed Supreme continues to produce new ones and extend its line. There are some higher-end, unique selections that you can only acquire here, including medicinal types, high CBD strains, standard, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds.

Want a best seller? Try Blue Cookies, an excellent Blueberry/Girl Scout Cookie combination. Try CBD White Widow or CB Diesel, a high CBD variant of Sour Diesel, for a beautiful medicinal marijuana strain.

The flowering week 5 Supreme searches the world for the best breeders and strains for experts and new growers. Because of this, they can offer a selection of strains that includes new era hybrids and classics in varying shapes, sizes, and colors.

Why is Seed Supreme an extraordinary seed bank?

Seed Supreme guarantees a germination rate of at least 80%. If your order doesn’t arrive, they’ll replace it for free, even if you don’t like it.

Seed Supreme makes it simple to buy marijuana seeds online. Enter your search criteria (strain, seed type, THC level) and hit enter.

Seed Supreme values privacy and sends orders in plain envelopes. They ship in “stealth” mode, hiding seeds inside DVD boxes, pens, and other secret places. The same goes for payment information.


  • 100% germination guarantee
  • All seeds are tested, certified, and handpicked.
  • Free shipping over $90
  • Secure Shippment
  • 24/7 customer service

What Makes a Good Marijuana Seed?

The best seed quality comes from superior genetics. As you purchase, be in mind that unethical breeders may cross strains at random and sell the seeds as a result without taking the necessary steps to secure a viable seed.

A good breeder will spend effort mixing and backcrossing plants to produce phenotypes. Stabilizing a cannabis cultivar’s desired features requires more than just crossing female and male plants.

To ensure seed quality, store and utilize seeds as directed. Keep cannabis seeds refrigerated or stored in a cool, dark place for up to 16 months to avoid mold. Before harvesting, cannabis seeds must mature.

How to Test Marijuana Seed Quality

Growing cannabis takes time and money, so no one wants to waste time and money on bad seeds. It’s simpler to detect bad cannabis seeds from good marijuana seeds over time.

Always examine your cannabis seeds. Some quality flaws are easy to notice, while others require more practice.

Mature marijuana seeds have darker, grey outer shells. Green or pale cannabis seeds may germinate slowly or not at all.

Feel the seeds: Handle them with firmness. When gently squeezing the seeds between your thumb and finger, make sure they don’t crack, bend, or fold.

Finally, always use fresh, ripe cannabis seeds with confirmed genetics.

Each new shipment of cannabis seeds should be inspected following this checklist:

  • Color, Appearance: Avoid immature seeds that are pale green, yellow, or white, and instead choose viable brown or black seeds.
  • The best grade seeds are teardrop and round.
  • Smooth, uncracked outer shells are tough.
  • Remember to store under 16 months is fantastic, dark settings to avoid mold and rot.
  • Float Test: Place your seeds in distilled water for a few hours to check if they sink. They have a better chance of germinating if they can drop

What To Look For

Cannabis Seeds by Gender

Male or female cannabis seeds exist. Male and female cannabis plants both produce seeds for growing. Cannabis seeds are available as feminized or regular.

Regular seeds have an equal amount of male and female seeds. This is a superb option for cannabis growers or those wanting extra seeds Conventional seeds may not be the ideal choice for more blooming plants with less fuss.

Only female cannabis seeds should survive in feminised seeds, while a few male seeds may stay. Most seeds are female, making them simpler to germinate.

Cannabis Seeds by Genetic

Genetically, there are three varieties of cannabis seeds: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. These may be auto-flowering seeds, which are genetically distinct.

With solid stems, fat leaves, and shorter heights, Indica seeds thrive in temperate climates. These plants have significant THC and CBD content, making them great for relaxing.

A Sativa seed is a tall, large seed from tropical settings. Sativa cannabis strains are great for a quick energy boost because of their high THC and THCV levels.

Hybrid seeds combine Sativa and Indica traits to create distinct cannabis strains.

Auto-flowering seeds create non-photoperiod cannabis plants. They were bred with Ruderalis genetics, which requires less light to flower.

Payment Options

Buying cannabis seeds has become as easy as buying anything else online. Seed banks accept a variety of payments:

  • PayPal
  • Online Bank Transfers
  • Payment through cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Debit Cards

Bitcoin is the most common payment method for buying marijuana seeds. Some seed companies even give a discount on bitcoin.

If you’re looking for a reliable source for cannabis seeds, then you’ve come to the right place. You can order high-quality seeds in many different varieties from . For more details ,please check out the reviews of i love growing marijuana.

Can Seeds Be Legally Shipped?

Purchase marijuana seeds online and transport them to the US legally if they are permissible where you live. Getting seeds into your state can be difficult. The restrictions differ greatly depending on where you live.

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