Common Criminal Offenses in Pearland

Criminal offenses are a common occurrence in Pearland. Some people get away with these crimes while others do not, and the decision depends on the circumstances of the crime and who commits it. From petty theft to grand theft, this diverse list of crimes can affect people both in and outside of their community. 

Crime is a monumental issue in the United States. The number of criminal offenses committed is steadily rising as time goes on, and new ways to commit crimes are constantly being discovered. In Pearland, there is a wide range of common law violations, which more than likely occur within your own home or neighborhood. These include fraud, fraudulently obtaining goods or services, fraudulently using credit cards and personal identification numbers, and identity theft. If you have been charged with any criminal offenses, you better should seek the legal guidance of an experienced criminal lawyer in Pearland at the earliest possible.

We will now see more into different types of criminal offenses prevalent in Pearland.

Top 5 Criminal Offenses in Pearland

  • Burglary

It is not uncommon for the average Texan to have a burglary offense on their criminal history. Whether it’s due to family troubles, money issues, or just plain curiosity, the act of breaking and entering into someone else’s property is one committed by many in Texas.

  • Drug possession

Drug possession is considered a misdemeanor in the state of Texas. But when they lead to an arrest, it is possible that one can be charged with a felony. If someone is found in possession of drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, etc., they could face incarceration in jail or prison for up to two years and pay fines in the amount of $10-2,000.

  • Murder 

The murder remains one of the most serious crimes in the US, and it is even more so when the offender is a child. When children commit murder, it is often not planned out very well, and they are not aware of how serious it is, which leads to them being arrested at a young age. The Pearland Police Department has seen many cases of children committing murder in the last few years, but thankfully they have been captured right away before they go on to commit more crimes.

  • Assault

Assault refers to intentionally causing bodily harm to someone else, either through physical force or with an object. This includes any activity that may cause fear of physical injury in another person or fear for one’s safety. These include threatening to do violence to another person or threatening to damage someone else’s property.

  • Theft

When it comes to crimes, theft is among the most common. However, it does not mean that every theft offense is the same. In fact, there are many different types of thefts, and each one has its own unique set of circumstances and penalties. 

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