Corporate Visibility: Marketing Tips and Ideas for Your Contracting Business

Anyone who goes into business today needs to be able to navigate the world of marketing. And for good reason. Because without adequate marketing, you might as well not even be in business at all.

Marketing is what gains a business the visibility needed to succeed in the modern business world. And even as a contractor you have to market yourself in order to go out and land jobs in your local community.

All marketing begins with a business goal in mind. And the clearer you are about your business goals, the easier it will be to come up with a marketing strategy.

For example, when first starting out, you may decide to rent a truck instead of purchasing one and advertise on the sides of the truck with your corporate logo. And this is a great place to start. But you’ll also have to market in other places as well.

Here, we’ll explore a few marketing tips and ideas to get your contracting business going forward.

Build a Business Website

Much of the success that contractors find along the professional path comes from good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. But even so, you still need to branch out into the digital world and gain a broader reach.

Having a business website not only allows you the means for others to find you online, but it also offers a professional appearance as well.

Additionally, a business website is a virtual business card. And the most often visited page of any business website is going to be the “about” page. This simply tells prospective clients who you are, and why you’re in business. So the more authentic and genuine you are on your about page, the more clients you’ll stand to gain.

Social Media Profiles

Maybe you don’t spend a whole lot of time on social media. But you better believe that many others do. In fact, studies have shown that social media has become the largest space where business networking is prevalent in today’s world.

As such, it literally pays to be on social media due to the extraordinary amount of people who frequent these networks, look for products, search for reviews, and directly contact businesses.

Any contractor can take advantage of a variety of social media channels. And the main channels to use are sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Pinterest can also be useful, allowing you to showcase images of your completed work.

The key to social media networking is consistently offering your followers something of interest and value. And additionally, you need to connect with the right people. For example, networking with city profiles and other business and association profiles relevant to your industry can prove vital in landing jobs and gaining followers.

Local Marketing

Aside from the digital space, you’ll also want to network locally as often as possible. And you can also take advantage of local advertising resources such as radio and television ads as well as local advertising or marketing agencies.

The key to becoming established in any community is to reach out and start conversations with community leaders and with other professionals that work alongside you in your field of expertise.

For example, as a contractor, you can network with other professionals such as roofers, construction workers, electricians, masons, and the like. And though you may look at these individuals as direct competition, you’d be surprised at the leads that you can generate just by networking with others within your industry.

Remember, word-of-mouth travels fast, so be sure to be professional at all times whenever you’re out in the local community.

Marketing requires a creative mind and a bit of innovation. It also requires persistence and determination. And with any luck, you’ll be able to generate interest in your business as long as you’re consistent with your marketing efforts and with the quality of work that you’re able to provide.

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