Cranberries with the ability to lower the risk of tooth decay. We introduce effective ways to avoid cavity build-up.

Cranberries; Photo source: Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

According to BBC News, scientists from the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York have found an important element in cranberries that prevents tooth decay buildup. The research team with Dr. Hoo explained that the compound is proven to stop bacteria from sticking to the tooth surface, as well as to block bacteria enzymes responsible for plaque formation, therefore preventing cavity development. “He said it was still unclear why the fruit was so effective at protecting the teeth.” – The BBC reported, as cranberries were previously found to “reduce the risk of urinary tract infections caused by harmful bacteria.” The research, which has shown that cranberries are about 80% effective in “protecting teeth”, took around 7 months.

Dr. Carter from the British Dental Health Foundation suggested that consumers should also be conscious of adding cranberries to their daily diet, as manufacturers tend to add sugar to cranberry products that are actually unhealthy.

What is tooth decay and dental plaque, and how can you avoid them?

Tooth decay is a state of tooth deterioration caused by dental plaque turning sugar into acid. It results in tooth damage and is treated in dental offices. As tooth decay is strongly linked with extensive dental plaque accumulation, it is important to remove the plaque from the teeth’s outer layer and therefore prevent its buildup, which leads to the formulation of cavities and gum diseases.

When the food particles get into contact with bacteria located in the mouth, dental plaque and acids are created. If teeth are not brushed soon after consumption, the plaque will harden, turning into tartar, and the acids will start to erode the teeth’s enamel. Removing dental plaque is therefore a crucial step in preventing cavities’ formulation and lowering the risk of periodontal diseases.

Philips Sonicare for effective teeth cleaning. Photo source:

What can we do to minimize the risk of tooth decay?

Since dental plaque is a key factor responsible for tooth decay formation, its frequent removal from the tooth surface prevents tooth damage. Keeping that in mind, it is no secret that effective teeth cleaning products are crucial in maintaining proper oral hygiene. The Philips Sonicare toothbrush is one of the best oral care products available on the market. It’s recommended by dental professionals, because it effectively eliminates dental plaque, if properly used. The quality of Philips toothbrushes and their high effectiveness in performance make them a good choice for anyone interested in a healthy smile. It’s particularly recommended to chose a combination of a quality toothbrush with an effective cleaning preparation.

Dental gel Bioscaling for plaque removal from Dr. Martin Schwarz. Photo source:

Although there are many toothpaste and dental preparations available on the market, each of them possesses a few different characteristics. Some dental products, such as teeth whitening toothpastes, are helpful in maintaining the whiter shade of our teeth, but often are not as effective in removing dental plaque as products developed for such purpose. One of the cleaning preparations currently available on the market, that delivers immediate results is Bioscaling by Dr. Martin Schwarz. It effectively eliminates dental plaque and is recommended for maintaining dental clean teeth after professional scaling in dental office. As it accelerates teeth whitening results, it is also advised as a first step in process of brightening teeth shade. Bioscaling is available in store.

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