Different Ways to Accept Payments Without a Website

Businesses without a website stand a chance to be at a disadvantage in accepting online payments. While their peers with a website convert several customers online, businesses without a website had to take a backseat for the longest of time. They get stuck with the traditional payment modes while their customer base reduces. However, there is a simple solution that Zaakpay provides for even very small businesses so that they can come neck to neck with their website counterparts. This simple solution is using payment links.

A payment link is a service that enables businesses to collect digital payments from their customers without a website. As can be understood from the name, it is generally a URL or a link which when clicked, gets redirected to a payment gateway hosted on a server of the payment processor. From there on, it processes the payment by accepting any suitable payment medium from the customer. This is a highly convenient way to collect payment without complicating the process.

How to Use Payment Links for Collecting Payments?

Merchants can use payment links in various ways as per the needs of the business and the customer. A few of the most common methods are:

  • URL

The most common way in which the link services are used is in the form of a URL. The URL redirects to the payment gateway. The merchant creates this URL from the payment link service and shares it with the customer. By clicking on it, the customer can reach the gateway and process the payment.

  • QR Codes

It is a newer technology that facilitates collecting payments. The merchant can generate a QR code to accept the payment using the same payment link service instead of a URL. QR codes function in the same way, except it has to be scanned and not clicked or tapped on. With a suitable mobile application, the customer scans the code and is directed to the gateway for the payment. A website is not needed because the QR Code can be shared with the customer in any form of communication.

  • WhatsApp or Messaging App Payment Collection

Another emerging technology in the payments industry is exactly where most customers are, on instant messaging services like WhatsApp. This facilitates targeting a more extensive range of customers. The merchant sends the payment link to the customer on WhatsApp and makes it easy to just tap on it to make the payment. With 390.1 million active monthly WhatsApp users in India, as per a report by Forbes India, messaging apps are one of the most successful payment modes in this part of the continent.

How do these services benefit the business?

  • Multiple Payment Modes

Even without a website, payment links, QR codes, and instant messaging options support multiple payment methods. This is beneficial for businesses as they accept all the major payment options like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets. Businesses get to drive up their sales without having to go through the hassle of creating a website and integrating a gateway to it.

  • Instant Payment

The traditional mode of payment creates a delay in the payment process. It takes quite a lot of time for the merchant to get hold of the money. Accepting payment using a payment gateway, on the other hand, is relatively quick. Processing hardly takes a lot of time, followed by crediting the payment in the merchant account. The cash flow of the business gets improved as a result.

  • Target More Customers

Businesses with websites generate a lot of traffic. Even customers prefer them because they know that it will have a robust payment process. Not having a website can curb the visibility of the business among the customers. With a payment link service, small businesses can compensate for the lost visibility. Customers would prefer a payment link over any direct transfer or traditional payments.

  • Customized Links

One of the handiest features of payment links is the ability to customize the link to accept a fixed amount. Further customization can be done in terms of design elements. Merchants can design the interface of the gateway to align it with the vision of the business. This can give a distinct identity to the business despite not having a website.

How to enable the payments without a website?

  • Choose a Payment Link Service

There are multiple payment link services available in the market. Based on the requirements of the business, a convenient service has to be chosen. While choosing the service, the merchant must consider the supported payment modes, service pricing, the supported volume of transactions, terms, and conditions, and other features.

  • Sign Up for the Service

The merchant has to register the business with the service and pay any dues if necessary. A merchant account would be allocated and activated after verifying all the details. With a service like Zaakpay, all it takes is 24 hours for the activation.

  • Generate Links

Post the activation; the merchant gets access to a dashboard from where customized payment links, QR codes, or instant messaging links can be generated. It just takes a few clicks for this process.

  • Share the Links

The merchant has to share the links with the intended customer. Direct sharing options are available in the dashboard to make the process simpler.

  • Sit back comfortably as payments keep coming!


It is high time for businesses to mark their presence online. It is no longer wise to stay away from digital payments just because the business doesn’t have a website. There is a wide selection of options out there that can empower businesses with digital payments. With the right decision, merchants can give a successful boost to their revenues.

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