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Pikes Hotel is somehow on the worldwide hedonists’ map – a map that is supposed to exist engraved onto the inside of an exceptionally thin undergarment of ambiguous gender that no one knows how to wear proper, but I digress. The point is that you’re probably aware that Harvey spends his summers there, working the DJ booth on Monday nights in August and September, at the very least. You probably think that’s quite cool, which it is. A book on the lives and times of one of Ibiza’s most prolific figures was recently published, a great story that rarely gets recounted.

Life Of Tony

These were probably the more favorable comments; besides the rest, well, you can’t always be everyone’s cup of tea, as said in Tony Pikes Book. Tony Pikes, who was brought into the world in Hertfordshire in 1934, had a difficult childhood, as he recounts in his biography, Mr. Pikes. Because he saw the Second World War thru the eyes of a child, he has grown up much quicker than every child ought to. He reflected, “We struggled to get through life.” “We didn’t have much, but we got the most of what we do have.” His innate attraction to women first surfaced at the young age of six, when he fondly remembered visiting his first ‘lover,’ while his quick wit and knack for studying emerged as a pre-teen.

Tony Starting

Tony began working as a stable hand when he was 12 years old while continuing his schooling, and shortly after, he realized his goal of earning a professional jockey. He stated, “I felt like I’d arrived.”

Tony’s life story reaches the halfway point before we hear about Pikes Hotel Ibiza. At this time, he determines that the white island is the place for him, and he begins to construct his private paradise, most of it with his arms and blood. Everything came right from his fabled double-aorta heart.


Young Tony had visions of traveling the world, and barely a year after, he entered the Royal Navy, an adventure that is well-documented in Mr Pikes. Tony regarded it as a cruel and severe period in his life. He wrote, “It gave me stamina and determination.” “And a kind of bravery I didn’t think I’d be able to discover.” He was able to jump ship at the age of 15, switching to the Merchant Navy, where he endured difficult labor, shocking violence, and a lack of sympathy. He dreamed of a broader picture, and it was during the time he visited Australia, the country that he later would accept as his home.

Resignation Of Job

Tony resigned from the navy in 1951 with aspirations of relocating to Australia. After a year of preparing, he finds himself on a ship destined for Sydney, the only time as a guest rather than crew, thanks to his strong work ethic, which served him well when making Pikes in the late 1970s. It’s worth mentioning that his legendary escapades as a ladies’ man began at this moment; after considerable boasting about his expertise with women before the tour, Tony ultimately declared himself “a man” during a layover in Yemen on that disastrous expedition. He began his career in millinery (where he met his first wife and the mother of his firstborn son), served in the Australian Army, and worked in laboring and sales professions in Australia. Tony was a natural-born salesman, thanks to his natural gift of gab.

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