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Everything To Know About Temporary Staffing In Los Angeles

Temporary staffing or contingent staffing is when a worker is employed only for a specific duration rather than full-time employment. A Los Angeles company will hire employees on a contract basis to handle a sudden workload or a particular project for a short term. The employment is not permanent, and once the contract or the project is complete, the temporary staff will leave.

In temporary staffing, the employees are called temp. A third party, often the staffing agency, hires the temps on behalf of the client company. The temps work for the client, but the agency employs them on their payroll.

Temping involves three parties- the temp staff, the staffing agency, and the client firm. According to a report, the revenue share of the contract and temporary staffing is 87% of the whole recruitment industry in the US. Contingent staffing not just refers to the mass recruitment for an ongoing project, but often high, ranking executives are also hired as temps.

How Does Temping Work?

Client Reaches Out To The Staffing Agency

When a company requires temporary staff, they will reach out to a staffing agency depending on the industry they work in. The client will specify how many temps they need and for what duration. They will also specify the job description, salary rate, or wage they can give the temps.

Staffing Agency Then Creates Job Openings

The staffing agency then creates job openings based on the specification of the client company and advertises them so interested candidates will send their applications. Also, if there are candidates they think would be the best fit for the work, they will reach out to them.

Staffing Agency Evaluates The Candidates

The staffing agency will then evaluate the application of candidates. They will consider the qualification and experience of the candidates and then shortlist the suitable candidates for interview. After interviewing, they will shortlist the candidates most qualified for the job. The agency will then introduce the shortlisted candidates to the client company.

The final Decision Is Of The Employer

The client company’s owner or hiring manager will then interview the shortlisted candidates and decide to hire them. It saves the company a lot of time and resources that they would have to spend on shortlisting the best candidate from the countless applicants.

Staffing Agency Then Handles All Necessary Paperwork

Once the company has selected a candidate, the staffing agency takes on and handles all the necessary paperwork. The agency takes care of the contracts, payroll, and taxes-related paperwork. Even the salary that the company pays to the temps will be through the staffing agency.

Benefits Of Temping

  • Hiring a permanent employee involves a lot of legal responsibilities. Temporary hiring reduces the legal and financial risk in case the employees resign, or the company has to fire them.
  • It allows flexibility to a company’s workforce. They employ workers based on work demand.
  • It helps save time and resources spent in searching for a qualified candidate.

Most Suitable Industries For Temping

While any industry can hire temporary staff to meet a sudden demand for workers, few industries in Los Angeles benefit the most.

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Industrial and Office Support staff
  • Healthcare industry
  • Legal Services
  • IT industry


In Los Angeles, a temp staffing can help small or large businesses meet their work demand without worrying about hiring new employees on their payroll. All you need to do is find the right staffing agency for your business and specify your demands.

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