The price of a vacuum cleaner in Kenya depends on a number of factors. The major ones include the type, power source, number of motors, and filtration system. Choosing a vacuum cleaner might seem like a hard task, but if you research the various factors to consider it becomes easier.

Investing in a new vacuum cleaner might seem to be a hard task. However, it can be made simple by assessing all the factors that affect the price. Having clean floors is important whether it is in your home, office, or school.  You should consider having one that impacts your environment positively. You can examine the cost of labor, the productivity you desire, or the cleaning results you wish to achieve.

There are many types of vacuum cleaners which include the backpack, upright, wet/dry, canister, and handheld duster vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner price in Kenya usually depends on various factors. Some of these factors include:

Power Source

The source of power is one of the key factors that affect a vacuum cleaner’s price. It can either be operated using an electric cord or a battery. Vacuum cleaners operated using batteries are more expensive since they have more power and provide more productivity than the electric cord.

The battery can either use lithium-ion or an AGM battery with the former being more expensive. The electric cord vacuum cleaners might be cheaper but are more expensive to maintain as the cord needs to be managed when cleaning.


The second factor to be considered when purchasing a vacuum cleaner is the size and number of motors. A powerful motor has a higher horsepower thus making ita more efficient cleaner. This also makes it more expensive. Vacuum cleaners can either have one or dual motors, the latter being more expensive.

However, the one with two motors is more powerful thus the better cleaning machine. This makes it more productive as it cleans well and reduces the number of times a place has to be washed.


The price of a vacuum cleaner is also influenced by the material used to make its body. Most of them are either made of plastic or stainless steel, the former being the most economical choice. However, stainless steel is bound to be cheaper in the long run as its maintenance cost is quite low and offers protection to the inner components.

The plastic material is advantageous as it will be less tedious to use due to the fact that it weighs less. These increases work productivity.

Filtration System

The filtration system also plays a big role in how much a vacuum cleaner costs. The cheapest one will have a reusable bag while the expensive vacuums have up to four filtration system stages. The latter is more effective since it ensures that a large amount of dirt is captured.

They might be more expensive but their efficiency is high thus you do not have to clean regularly. Particulate air filters (HEPA) are one of the best filtration systems as they have high efficiency.

We can deduct that the vacuum cleaners pricing depends majorly on the type of vacuum cleaner used, the material it’s made from, the number of motors, and the source of power from the above. If you wish to buy a vacuum cleaner, you should consider the factors mentioned.

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