Factors to consider when purchasing Jua kali Chips fryer in Kenya

A saw is a machine used to make work easier when frying potatoes in large volumes. They are electric-based and vary in brand, size, and quality.

This article focuses on chips fryers. The electric fryer is perfect for large-scale purposes, like supermarkets and restaurants. Buying an electric and high-quality fryer ought to be every user’s priority. This article can be crucial when one is in needs to buy one.

Due to the increased demand for chips in restaurants, machines that can make work easier in preparation have risen to fulfill the need and meet the company’s production level. It has included the need for chips fryers.

Below are the main factors that one should look into before buying one.

Fuel type

Commercial fryers usually use either fuel or electricity for them to function correctly. Gas fryers are cheaper compared to electric ones. Gas fryers heat up more quickly than electric ones. They are primarily used for large capacities. Electric fryers are best for small volumes.


Jua kali chips fryer price in Kenya chips fryer is determined by quality, size, safety, and fuel type. Purchasing a chips fryer whose quality is high tends to reduce the cost of maintenance. A quality fryer also increases its efficiency and workability.

It is also of help when dealing with large volumes. Large-size commercial fryers will be more expensive than small commercial fryers. One will need a large commercial fryer for the best products in the industry.


They come in different sizes and shapes. When purchasing a chips fryer for commercial use, you need to consider two factors when it comes to size: the size of your kitchen, will the fryer fit in it? And what amount of food will it hold? Ensure you have what you need and choose a fryer that best fits your capacity. You will require large fryers for commercial purposes, and for domestic use, small or medium sizes can do.

Ease of use

The efficiency in a commercial kitchen or restaurant is essential, and any equipment that is hard to use slows everything down and turns a smoothly run kitchen into chaos. Before buying a deep fryer, carefully consider how it will fit into your commercial kitchen. Go for fryers that are more simplified when it comes to usage.

Ease of cleaning

If you have clean fryers, it means that the food is healthy. Cleaning a fryer is not easy, no matter the type of fryer. Keeping the fryer clean is very crucial. It will ensure it lasts longer and food flavors remain unaffected. Tube fryers are complicated to clean, while bottom fryers are easy to clean.


Boiling all can be dangerous if not taken care of. In a busy commercial kitchen, staff should always use gloves when working with fryers to avoid skin burns. They should also be careful when filling the fryer. In addition, proper training should be given to users to prevent the worst. Always buy quality ones that can heat for long hours with the crackdown.


This article defines the various considerations one has to make before purchasing a circular saw machine hence can be of great importance for reference.

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