Looking at the clear and simple definition of a grinding machine, we can boldly define it as a tool that has an abrasive wheel as its main component. Therefore, it is used for a variety of metal fabrication jobs such as cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing, and polishing. In addition, they remove material from the workpiece by abrasion which generates a substantial amount of heat.

Ever been stuck on determining which features to look for when purchasing a grinder machine? Then you don’t need to be stuck anymore, in this article am going to discuss in a glimpse vividly some of the most important features you require to analyze before buying the tool as stated below.

The type of the grinder

There are different types of grinders that you can find in the market since they normally come in different styles such as a benchtop grinder which is always secured in the bench for maximum control, a portable grinder which includes the angle grinder and die grinder. Therefore, depending on the type of operation you can choose any that will suit your job.

 The size of the grinder

One of the most crucial things to look for before purchasing a grinder is the size. This is determined by the type of job where for handling bigger jobs and larger jobs you requirebigger grinders which will be of perfect use. In addition, the size is also determined by the size of the disc. The big-sized disc uses larger wheels making them ideal for larger jobs while small-sized discs spin faster giving the grinders power to cut and polish metal.

The motor

Putting into consideration of the grinder machine price in Kenya, it would be wise to be on the look at some of the tool characteristics of its motor such as its ability to deflect debris from the motor making the tool resist to wear associated with grinding. Also, it should have a coating on the field coil to prevent overheating during the grinder operation.

Safety of the user

Grinders have a very high risk of injuries compared to other tools. However, it is very important to always for one to put safety as a priority. The tool must therefore have a wheel guard fixed in it. Also, double insulation is required to offer protection against electrical shock by creating a non-conducting barrier between the operator and the electric component inside.

Weight of the machine

Weight may always depend on the model that you use since some of the grinder machines are designed lightweight while others are a bit heavy. Therefore, a perfect grinder that is not too heavyor too light will be great to purchase.

Power rating

In every grinder, ratings such as voltage, ampere, and wattage are greatly valued. This rating will determine the type of job preference of your project. The higher the rating the greater the job activity.

In conclusion, the price alone doesn’t always reflect some of the most important factors in purchasing a grinder machine. Factors such as size, weight, safety, power rating, and type of the grinding machine are worth the cost.

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