Formula 1 A Racing Sport

Formula 1 is an worldwide motor sport. F1 is the best stage of singleseat, open wheel and opencockpit expert motor racing contest. Formula 1 racing is ruled and sanctioned with the aid of using a international frame known as the FIA – Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile or Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. The name “Formula” derives from the set of policies that taking part automobiles and taking part drivers ought to follow

Formula 1 History & Team size

Formula 1 racing originated withinside the 1920-30s in Europe from different comparable racing competitions. In 1946 the FIA standardized racing policies and this shaped the idea of Formula 1 racing. In addition to the sector championship series, many different non-championship F1 races have additionally taken place, however because the fees of strolling those competitions increased, those competitions have been discontinued after 1983. Each F1 group will have a most of 4 drivers consistent with season.

Grand Prix race distance

The minimal general distance of a Grand Prix race, including the default range of laps, ought to be three hundred km or a hundred ninety miles. This is the usual distance for all races except the Monaco GP that is 260 km or a hundred and sixty miles. Number of groups withinside the F1 World Championship 10 groups with automobiles every can take part withinside the F1 World Championship from 2015. However, the FIA guidelines permit a restriction of 26 automobiles for the championship.

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Design, specifications, policies of Formula 1 automobiles

A Formula 1 automobile is an open-wheeled, open-cockpit, single-seater racing automobile meant to be used in Formula 1 racing. It has wings (the front and rear) plus an engine, that is placed at the back of the driver. F1 races are hung on purpose-constructed circuits known as “circuits”. F1 races are hung on purpose-constructed circuits known as “circuits”.


Carbon and titanium sequential semi-computerized transmissions are presently utilized by F1 automobiles, with eight forward and 1 opposite gears, with rear wheel drive.

Steering Wheel

The guidance wheel of an F1 automobile is geared up to carry out many capabilities which includes converting gears, converting brake pressure, calling the radio, adjusting gasoline, etc.


The gasoline utilized by Formula 1 automobiles is a tightly managed combo of ordinary gas and might handiest include business gas compounds instead of alcohol compounds.


Formula 1 automobiles had been using slick and threaded tires on account that 2009. The tire dimensions of an F1 automobile are : • Front tire – 245 mm (width) • Rear tires – 355 mm and 380 mm (width)


Formula One automobiles use disc brakes with a rotor and calliper at every tire. State flags There are five country flags :

  • Green Flag – Used to signify the begin of a race or the resumption of a race which has been interrupted for a transient delay.
  • Yellow Flag – Indicates caution drivers to gradual down because of an twist of fate or threat at the music or because of rain.
  • Red Flag – This is a sign of threat, in particular of unfavorable climate situations and signals drivers to forestall or go back to the pits immediately, relying at the situation.
  • Red & Yellow Striped Flag − It suggests that the situations of the music had been changed automobile debris, oil or spilled sand and will motive issues which includes lack of manipulate and decreased grip.
  • White Flag − It is displayed on the quit of unfastened exercise sessions (Friday & Saturday) at the closing nook and pit straight, indicating to drivers that different drivers are engaged in unfastened exercise at the pit straight.

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