Getanjali salon services and prices 2023

Updated salon price of Geetanjali for 2023


A beauty salon is a business that provides various treatments and services to their clients in order to improve their appearance. They provide services such as hair colouring, styling, cutting, and treatments. Manicures, pedicures, and skin treatments are also services that they can provide. The majority of beauty salons are run by beauty professionals who have acquired the necessary expertise in their field to provide higher-quality services. We can see that a beauty salon is a place where people go to improve their physical appearance and to be pampered and rejuvenated.

Consider Geetanjali Beauty Salon if you live in India and are looking for the ideal salon. Its Geetanjali Salon Price List is reasonable in comparison to other salons that provide comparable services. We have over 100 locations throughout India. We have over thirty years of experience in the industry. Because we value client impressions over spending, our highly trained beauticians will provide you with the best service possible. Each service is reasonably priced. The most recent price for our services in 2023 is listed below:

Geetanjali Salon Services:

Geetanjali salons pamper both men and women and offer a wide range of services from head to toe and everything in between. Every service is tailored to your specific needs while keeping your natural beauty in mind. Whether you need your hair blow-dried or your nails painted, each service is tailored to deliver exactly what you’re looking for – quality!

We provide a variety of exclusive hair treatments that allow you to lavish affection and attention on your hair. The entire salon staff has been meticulously trained to provide the best service possible.

Geetanjali is an eco-friendly salon that promotes environmentally friendly beauty. When other salons use chemical-based products on our skin and hair, we harm ourselves as well as our oceans, streams, and soil, and these chemicals end up in our bodies. Geetanjali’s expert team is here to help you look and feel your best.

We are pleased to provide hair, beauty, skin makeup, and nail art services that will enhance your external beauty while making you feel more confident on the inside. Massage can help you relax, detoxify, and improve your overall health. We strive to provide an enriching experience and excellent customer satisfaction with our many brands.

For Men:

Hair Cut & Finish

Cut and Hair Care

Shampoo & Conditioning

Head Massage

Beard Styling

Hair/Beard Coloring

Hair Color

Hair Color

Beard Colour

For Women:

Hair Styling

Make Up

Hair Texture

Hair Treatments

Facials & Rituals

Hand & Feet Manicure


Spa Manicure

Nail Care

Nail Paint

Nail Art

Nail Filling

Hair Rebonding

Hair Perming

Hair Keratin

Hair Color Protection

Hair Smoothening


Our natural, chemical-free, and safe products unite your inner and outer selves to form a unified whole.

Join us for the ultimate in luxury and pampering and be treated as if you were nature’s own.

Follow us on Twitter or contact us if you’d like to receive the most recent Geetanjali Salon Price List. We are expecting you. We appreciate your choosing us each time. Have a wonderful day.

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