Going to attend the MOT test?

Most car owners know that every car owner has to test their car once in a year to see if his car is fit for the drive. A car can only get permission if it passes the MOT test. Well, some of the mot reading can be done only by the professionals, but there are certain things you can do before attending the MOT test. So follow the following steps to make sure your car has all the primary clarification. Your little effort can also save you a significant cut from the bank.

1. Full cleaning and handbrake

It is essential to look at your car as clean as possible. Because a clean car can make a good impression on the examiner, some car gets disqualified just because they are dirty. So make sure that your car is spotless from the inside and outside. Also, check the handbrake of the car. If you find out that you need to pull further while using the handbrake, you may need to visit a car repair shop to fix it.

2. Check the brake fluid

Brake fluid is one of the necessary things to check not only for the MOT test but also for day to day driving. Open the bonnet and check the sap of the brake. If you find out there is a lower amount of liquid, be sure to fill it up. Also, make sure to check the quality of the fluid. If you find out fluid is a brown or black colour, you might need to change the whole brake fluid. Also, press the brake paddle and make sure it has no spongy feeling. If it does, maybe that’s because there is air In the hydraulic system. So make sure to fix these things before going to the test.

3. Suspension and screen

Most of the person doesn’t care about the suspension of the car. Also about the screen In front of the driving seat. Make sure to bounce each corner to see if the rest is ok. If you find out the car is shaking more than 1 or 2 bounces, there is probably a suspension problem. Most of the people thought that the screen is a minor thing. But this small mistake is enough not to pass the exam. So make sure to check all the things and also other Car Service Reading.

4. Check all the mirrors

Check for any damages or crack or broken pieces in the rearview and wing view mirrors. Adjust them if you need them. If you find any cracks or damages, make sure to change the mirror. These little things can make you disqualify from the MOT test.

5 .Check the tyres

It Is essential to check all the tyres if they are in good condition. Please make sure the tyres have no damage or hole in them. It is necessary to check the tread of every tyre. The legal minimum amount of tread in the UK is 1.6 mm, although it may vary depending on the country. So make sure to purchase new tyres if it crosses the safety limit of the tread.

There are all the necessary things to check before the final examination. If you are not confident about your car and want the professionals to look, you can always visit any mot reading shops. They can insure you if your vehicle is ready for the MOT test. If you find any problem in your car, then it is better to fix the issue as soon as possible because these little things can cost you much in the future.

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