Here is What Industry Insiders Say About Concrete Vibrating Poker

You Can Use a Concrete Vibrating Poker to Ensure Your Concrete Compact. The Concrete is Improved Through Vibration. A Concrete Poker Vibrator a Machine Used in Construction. The Machines are Available in Various Sizes and Shape. The Small Machines Rely on Battery Power and the Larger Ones with Primary Power Source Uses Electrical Power Cords. You Can Choose the One That Suits Your Need.

This article focuses on the different types of Concrete Vibrating Poker and their benefits to your construction purposes.

Concrete Vibrating Poker is a needle vibrator that causes the vibrations to ripple throughout the concrete. It has a tubular shape and is ideal for external compaction of concrete specimens. It has a tip diameter and a flexible shaft length.

How to Use a Concrete Vibrator Poker

The Vibrating Poker helps the concrete in its setting period which makes it durable. Below is how the Concrete Vibrator Poker Work. A block of wet concrete is poured on the surface where it is to be used, the air bubbles are trapped in the mixture.

Cavities are created. The Vibrator forces the trapped air out of the moisture. It leaves the final product compact and keeps the slab level. The vibrator’s head is submerged fully into the concrete and held for about 10 seconds.

Types of Concrete Vibrators

There different types of Concrete vibrators Poker that are commonly used in the market. Listed below are the types of Vibrators and how they function.

Internal Vibrators -they are known as immersion poker vibrators. They have a long flexible tube on top where the vibrating lead is attached. The Vibrators use an energy unit.

Form Vibrators –they are known as outside Vibrators. They need much strength while working with them.

Vibrating Tables – they are highly built metals platforms. They use an electric motor to compact harsh and stiff mixtures. They do well in factories and laboratories.

Surface Vibrators – they are known as screed vibrators. The Vibrators clapon the screen. They are used for long horizontal surfaces and perimeter slabs. They work effectively if the concrete is up to 20 centimeters.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Concrete Vibrator

There are factors to look at when choosing the right Vibrator. Below are things to look at.

  • Availability of electricity on the job site
  • The concrete mix designs
  • The type of pour like floor, column, gutter among others
  • Job specialization
  • The electrical source distance
  • The amount of reinforcement steel and
  • The length and width of the wall structure.

Benefits of Concrete Vibrating Poker

The use of Concrete Vibrators has made our work easier. Here are the advantages of using Vibrators.

  1. It reduces the amount of cement required through the use of drier mixes
  2. It creates a durable concrete
  3. The concrete has a greater density
  4. It improves the bond with reinforcement steel
  5. It gives a great bond on construction joint
  6. It provides an improved product finish
  7. The honeycomb structure is avoided and
  8. It increases the working speed.


Working with Concrete Vibrating Poker makes your work effective. It is wise to use it appropriately to get good results. If you want to make firm structures, Concrete Vibrating Poker is the best equipment to use.

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