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The eCommerce and online shopping sectors are some of the very few sectors gained from the 2020 pandemic. The need of the hour in the pandemic was to create retail channels that had access from anywhere. Moreover, these channels had to work with minimal human contact for maximum efficiency. eCommerce websites and apps used this necessity as an opportunity to grow their influence. Of course, people cannot function without buying.

Buying and selling are the fundamental processes of a shared society. At any given time, people of the community have some needs that they fulfill through the market system. However, the significant difference during the pandemic was the shift of the market to the online space.

This also added a paradigm of convenience for the people. In the period 2020 to 2021, people have ordered more through eCommerce platforms. The number of eCommerce platforms has also increased in the last year. It is, therefore, understood that many products trend on commerce platforms. In the sections below, we will learn about the products that remained in high demand and will remain so even in 2021.

Most Trending Best Selling Products Of Ecommerce Platforms

Below, there is a list of the bestselling products of eCommerce platforms in 2020. These trends will continue over the year 2021 too. Therefore, if you plan to start an eCommerce platform and operate over a specific niche, this list will help you choose the most profitable one.

CBD oils and products

CBD is a very recent development of therapeutic supplements. The trend of using CBD oil in the USA started in the year 2018. Since then, CBD products have gradually gained popularity. In fact, in 2020, CBD sales touched record points across the USA and other world countries. CBD oil and CBD-infused products are known for their pain and stress-relieving properties. Since the year 2020 has been particularly stressful for most of the population, CBD products are in increased use. CBD oils also control pain and inflammation.

Therefore, they are great for diseases and pain management. CBD oils are also great at anxiety reduction and sleep induction. For people dealing with COVID 19 anxiety, CBD oils are a boon. No wonder this great natural product has been flying off the virtual shelves.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Products

Sustainability is a prolonged trend till 2030. Sustainable products with a climate-conscious angle are trendy today. As climate change becomes a very present and looming threat, people want to adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Sustainability is here to stay, whether it is about buying vegan products or replacing use-and-throw products with recycled products, from wooden combs to toothbrushes that can be planted as seeds, many novel sustainable products that people buy today.

Natural skincare and beauty products

Skincare and beauty products are always on-trend—many ingredients trend in the present market. People prefer natural extracts and actives in their beauty products. This is because natural beauty products are safe for the environment, very influential on the skin, and safe for use. People today prefer cruelty-free, clean, and organic skincare. More and more beauty brands are turning towards ancient sciences for skin secrets formulated today in labs. People prefer natural products so much that they are also highly conscious of the packaging used for such products.

Speciality teas

Tea has had a disputed standing in the market for ages. For some, it is an integral part of life. For some, it is a luxury. Teas have been in use for centuries. Now that we are turning towards ancient sciences for reference, specialty teas are becoming popular. People have turned to herbal teas infused with powerful herbs for immunity, stress relief, and other benefits in the pandemic period. This is due to greater health awareness and focuses on internal wellbeing. Specialty teas are herbal concoctions brewed from an exotic blend of herbs that work wonders for the body.

From digestive issues to increased immunity and combating colds, specialty teas have been fast-selling products in the past year. Since they are highly effective, specialty teas will continue to sell even in 2021.

Probiotics supplements

People focus on internal well being after the pandemic. The pandemic has shifted our focus to staying healthy from the inside. Therefore, people prefer buying supplements for immunity, gut health, and even for better skin. Probiotics supplements are great for the body because they guard gut health and ensure proper nutrition. In this way, they provide the complete wellbeing of a person. Therefore, people are consuming probiotics supplements more and more today. This is a health supplement trend that will stay even in the next few years.


These are only some of the bestselling products of the last year. The best thing about these is that the trends continue even this year and for the next few years. When planning to launch a niche eCommerce platform choose some of these trending products to secure profit and popularity for the future. Let these products be your Launchpad for a new business.

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