How Construction Companies Ensure Health and Safety 

Construction companies must abide by a number of different regulations depending on where they operate in the world. However, it can be agreed by all that health and safety is one of the most important considerations when it comes to construction sites. This article will outline how construction companies in the UK manage health and safety, and why they do it.

The Regulations 

In the UK, construction companies must abide by the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015. These outline what companies must do on a construction site to ensure the safety of workers and those who may come into contact with the site. These regulations are updated on a regular basis to ensure that any injuries or illnesses in relation to a construction site are minimised.


As part of the regulations, it states that workers must be appropriately trained in health and safety. The UK has a number of ways to ensure that all construction workers have the appropriate training. One of these is with use of the CSCS card. This is held by construction workers who have the relevant construction training for their field and that they have also taken the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test. Not only does this ID card show that a worker is reputable it also shows that they have an understanding of health and safety on site. For many construction companies, they will require the holding of a CSCS card to work for them.

Health and Safety Equipment 

Another part of the regulations states that workers must wear the appropriate equipment. This varies dependent on the type of work you do. 

In terms of working at heights and lifting heavy objects you will need:

  • Steel cap boots
  • Hard hats
  • Lifting aids

If you are working with potentially hazardous dusts you will need:

  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Ventilation
  • Protective clothing

The list of protective clothing and equipment goes on, but they have all been required by Construction Law to prevent illness and injury. The most common illnesses and injuries include asbestos poisoning, dermatitis from dusts on the skin, lung disease from breathing in harmful chemicals, broken toes and other bones from falling objects and injured backs from heavy lifting. 

There are a number of rules that construction workers must follow to ensure that all of these risks are minimised. This includes avoiding dangerous situations, using alternative build methods to avoid high up building and more. 

Safety for the Public 

It is also especially important that alongside workers, anyone who comes into contact with a construction site are also protected. This means that at construction sites there must be warning signs and signs to stop people climbing on structures. In addition, if the site is near a road there must be a notice. Furthermore, for those who may visit the site such as homeowners, they should wear hard hats and high visibility jackets to ensure they are safe. 

If anyone is injured as a result of a construction company failing to place signs or implement all the necessary safety procedures, they can be fined a lot of money which would be detrimental for the company. 

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Final Thoughts

Construction companies in the UK work hard to ensure that construction sites are as safe as possible. They also ensure that all workers have the necessary training and equipment, so they avoid illness or injury. The regulations in the UK will also be updated regularly to adapt to any new dangers. 

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