How Do You Make Your Man Feel Loved?

The way people date today has changed, but the basic emotions and rules are the same. Or, a few things have transformed for the better. If you are searching for a man who loves and cares about your feelings, that’s alright. But what can you also do to keep him happy? Men don’t look for just physical intimacy. That’s just one aspect. They need your support and affection as much as you do. If you follow the old-school thought process where both partners have separate roles, it’s time to outgrow the rudimentary idealism. A joyful life demands both partners to build a loving and equal relationship. There is no success formula for it. But when you work together, you can deal with most ups and downs of life joyfully.

If a guy approaches you on a Filipina dating site with a marriage proposal you and your family approve of, you may implement a few things to win over your man’s heart and mind forever. Let’s figure out what they want from their partners.

Prioritize yourself

Does this sound counterintuitive, especially if you believe in the old ways of leading a fulfilling married life? But this is a new truth. As a woman, you have a natural inclination to nurture everyone. You take care of your husband, kids, household, and other things. In this daily rush, you ignore your health and well-being. Since you are human, your body also needs rest and care. If you overexert, it negatively impacts you. And since you are the vein of the house, every other department of life suffers. The sudden pause (a consequence of self-neglect) disrupts everything. However, if you take care of yourself and take occasional breaks from your regular duties, it allows things to move at their pace. At the same time, you get moments to refresh and detox yourself.

Your husband wants to see you healthy because they care for you. When you look after your health, they feel relieved and supported.

Use some clichés – “you’re my hero.”

Like you, your partner also finds it comforting when they solve a problem for you. It doesn’t have to be stressful; instead, it can be a little thing like bringing a jar to him to open its cap. You can tell him, “you are my hero when he succeeds in doing the job.” You can have various opportunities like this to admire him for his heroics.

Avoid shaming him

Nothing can devastate a man more than remarks that make them feel shameful about themselves. It doesn’t mean your man can continue repeating his negative behavior if he has that tendency. But there are ways to make him aware of what bothers you. If you are unhappy or irritated by a specific incident, you can use harsh words like uncaring or incapable. However, keeping your problems before him without hurting his ego or respect can be more effective. Suppose you feel he doesn’t listen to or care for your feelings. You can tell him you feel hurt when he walks away without conversation. Choose words that indicate a particular trait of his behavior and not put a question mark on his being.

“Dating is fun, and marriage is a responsibility” is what most believe. You can write your story differently with awareness.

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