How effective Dhatu Rog Medicines are Against Dhatu Rog?

Nowadays, people suffer from many sexual conditions. Most people feel shame to talk about their sexual conditions. Dhatu rog is one of them. In this disease, men feel very stressed and can lose their semen regularly. However, the semen is discharged during urinating and defection—most of the time, the semen discharges at night, also known as wet dreams. Medical science develops many different types of Dhatu rog medicines, which help to decrease excessive semen loss. Moreover, Dhatu rog causes due to unhealthy lifestyle.

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Moreover, many Ayurveda Dhatu Rog medicines help to decrease stress and depression in men. The herbs, vitamins, and minerals used in these Dhatu Rog medicines help to stabilize the hormonal imbalance. As a result, the formation of sperm decreases, and semen production also decreases. However, the main reason for Dhatu rog is excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. To get rid of these types of diseases, men must avoid these.

With many years of experience, doctors develop medication formulas for the Dhatu rog. Some allopathic Dhat ki dawa also help to cure the disease. However, these Dhatu Rog medicines help to increase the concentration of essential metal ions and sperms. The regular use of these Dhatu Rog medicines can improve semen quality by reducing cell death.

Let’s know the various treatments of Dhatu rog below.

Various treatment of Dhatu rog

Generally, to fight with Dhatu rog, medical science creates many processes. Some Ayurveda treatments are also available for Dhatu rog, except for medical science. Here are some treatments of Dhatu rog.

Ayurveda treatment

Many Ayurveda Dhatu Rog Medicines are prepared from herbs and minerals. These medicines are mostly used with milk and warm water. Let’s know some Ayurveda medicines.


However, ashwagandha has the healing property. This herb plays a vital role in Dhatu rog. Besides this, the regular use of ashwagandha improves the men’s sexual health and the quality of semen. Moreover, doctors prescribe using it in the form of capsules and powder.


Usually, the taste of Guduchi root powder is bitter, but it provides quality treatment. Moreover, this powder improves the digestive system and helps in sexual diseases like erectile dysfunction and sperm count.


This herb is helpful in Dhatu rog as it increases the sperm count in men. Moreover, if a person regularly uses this herb, his spermatozoa improve.


However, this is a beneficial herb. It improves the reproductive system of both males and females. The gokshura powder helps to relieve some symptoms of Dhatu rog.


This plant has many healing capacities. The regular use of this herb improves the reproductive system and helps treat Dhatu rog.

All the above Ayurveda medicines are very effective in Dhatu rog.

Changing lifestyle treatment

A person suffering from Dhatu rog can cure it by changing his lifestyle. Here are some examples.

  • First, a person must consult a doctor to confirm Dhatu rog.
  • The person must eat more during the day and less during the night to cure Dhatu rog.
  • However, don’t take a much protein diet and try to have a well-balanced diet.
  • Before going to bed, urinate and clear your bladder at night.
  • You must have to avoid excessive smoking.
  • Additionally, reduce excessive alcohol consumption.
  • However, try to keep your stomach clean.
  • If you have problems like hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), consult a doctor first.
  • Always try to keep your genital areas clean to avoid any itching or burning sensation.
  • You have to sleep well at night and try to get up early in the morning.
  • However, Keep yourself relaxed, stress-free and engage in meditation or yoga.
  • During sexual intercourse, always use protection.

 Home remedies for Dhatu rog

  • Some home remedies are also available for Dhatu rog. Such as:
  • You can take a glass of milk with overnight soaked almonds.
  • However, you can also tale warm milk along with saffron.
  • You must chew three to four garlic cloves daily to reduce Dhatu rog.
  • Another best treatment is, take a glass of warm milk with one tablespoon of lajvanti powder every morning.

Yoga for Dhatu rog

One of the best Dhatu rog treatments is yoga. Here is some yoga to cure Dhatu rog.

  • GOUMUKHASANA helps to control ejaculation on the bed.
  • BHUJANGASANA is another yoga pose that helps men make erections last longer in bed.
  • Moreover, the UTTANAPADASANA helps to improve the digestive system and control the number of ejaculation.
  • The best yoga pose is SARVANGASANA. It helps to improve the quality of sperm as well as semen.

Dhatu Rog Medicines treatment

Men who are suffering from Dhatu rog disease can use medicines to cure it. Doctors provide prescriptions to use allopathic medicines to cure this disease. Many companies deliver Dhat rog medicines, but Ohman offers the best medicine.

If a man regularly uses Ohman medicines for Dhatu rog, undoubtedly, the disease can cure quickly. The Ohman medicine helps to reduce Dhatu, provide better mood, increase energy, and improve vitality. You can easily buy the Ohman medicines from the online platform.

Bottom line

As shown above, Dhatu rog is a severe disease, but you can cure it by using various treatments. The Ohman medicine is very effective as it has many healing properties. Without any delay, buy the Ohman medicine to cure Dhatu rog.

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