How Human Potential Expert, Entrepreneur, and Investor Paige Michelle uses Creativity and Artistic Craft to Disrupt the Personal Development Industry

People are now making statements through their talent or craft. There is great power in utilizing your creativity to make an impact in society. One person portraying that power is Paige Michelle. As an artist, she boosts her clients’ interaction in her self-development business using music. 

She uses her art in creativity to influence that positivity among women, especially mothers, to follow their experiences and go after what they want in life. She boasts of having an affirmation album to help women in soul searching and healing from their pain. Through this creativity of using music, she stands out among others in the same industry.

Women struggle with fear and pressure for not being enough, choosing to pioneer other than just being a mother/wife, and all the hormonal imbalances. Most bottle up this pain and are left with baggage inside that slowly damages their productivity and liveliness. It causes disharmony amongst themselves that they lose their spirit. Women deserve to be happy and to live fulfilling lives. 

Paige Michelle has always been someone who did whatever pleased her. She was a typical bad bitch in her early life. She, however, turned that into positivity to become a woman of power. 

Paige almost did not graduate from high school as she spent most of her time drinking and going to strip clubs on weekends. She failed out of college for the same reason.  She also got arrested twice, moved home, and started waitressing. She then became a paralegal and helped build the business into full practice. 

She began blogging as an escapee and to creatively write. Writing turned into a small organic social media business. She got married and got her firstborn. At the same time, her business fell. She left her husband and was back at her parents’ home, living in the basement while rebuilding the business. 

She solidified it in three years as she did over $1,000,000. Her clients also amassed over $18,000,000 in wealth.

Today, Paige wears numerous hats such as life & business strategist, investor, global Human Design Authority, bestselling author, and a passionate mom. She is the author of  “The Patterns” and an upcoming book, “Be a Mother Not a Martyr.” 

She is also Queen Mutha of Undefined, a personal development empire helping mothers take immediate control of their mental, emotional, physical, and financial destiny. The coaching is done through online educational courses, music/art, physical products, and in-depth interviews with leaders.

She further has an investment portfolio of over $2,000,000, and she is trusted by over 80,000 women across all platforms and gaining 17,682,000 views between TikTok and Reel last year alone. 

Paige Michelle is helping women transform, leading them through a road to self-discovery. She wants women to live to their full potential, be content with themselves and be great mothers. She speaks of human design and how to manifest in design. 

In her Undefined community, they can talk about all life and business issues, mainly women. Women can also connect with like-minded women. Her goal is to help women experience growth and success in business and relationships.

You can reach out to Paige Michelle by email or follow her on 



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