How Is Gold Wedding Band Different from A Gold-Plated One?

If you have been exploring online regarding wedding bands, you will have no doubt been bewildered by the sheer choice available. If you have been looking at perennially popular gold bands, you would have also come across many gold-plated rings, many of which are priced relatively lower. To make a wise choice, you need to understand the difference between a ring that is made of gold and a gold-plated ring.

Gold Wedding Bands

As indicated by their names, gold wedding rings are crafted from solid gold. The prices differ due to the difference in the gold content. Obviously, the larger the ring, the more gold it has. The gold content is also measured by the karat of the gold. Pure gold or 24 karat gold is too soft to be used for making jewelry, according to a Huffington Post report. Most of the wedding rings are made from 18-karat or 14-karat gold, which contain 75% and 50% gold respectively with the rest made up of copper and nickel. Gold rings are not only more valuable but also can be resized easily without spoiling them.

Gold-Plated Wedding Rings

The essential difference between a gold ring and a gold-plated ring is in the dispersion of the gold. Typically, a gold ring is made by melting gold and pouring it into a mold, and allowing it to harden. A gold-plated ring, as the name suggests, is a ring made from silver or other metal over which a film of gold is deposited by an electroplating process. The gold film is deposited uniformly over the entire surface of the ring giving it the bright luster of natural gold. The cost of gold-plated rings depends, among other things, on the thickness of the gold plating, observes an EpicWeddingBands sales consultant. The advantage of gold-plating is that you can have a ring that is physically tough and durable yet relatively less expensive while there is no obvious difference in the appearance compared to a gold ring.

Pros and Cons of Gold Rings and Gold-Plated Rings

If you have can afford it, buying a solid gold wedding band should be preferred simply because of its inherent value. Gold rings are more durable than gold-plated ones because there is no plating that can be worn away with repeated use and necessitating a periodic replating exercise by a professional jeweler. Also, gold being non-reactive makes for a better choice for men who have sensitive skin that tends to break out in rashes. Even though the amount of gold deposited in the film is quite less, the rings look as beautiful as the real ones. Being comparatively cheaper, you will also suffer less in case you lose it by accident or is stolen. However, if you are allergic to the base metal in the ring, you can have rashes breaking out as well as a green and unsightly stain on your ring finger. Check out mens rings made from gold


The choice of buying a gold ring or a gold-plated ring invariably boils down to your budget and whether you have sensitive skin. However, many men are now experimenting with gold-plated rings made of tungsten that are more durable than those made of silver.

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