How Not To Burn Out at Work: 3 Useful Rules

Life in a big city is a lack of energy, time, and concentration. All this leads to physical and emotional burnout, and thus to a decrease in work efficiency with all the ensuing problems. How to stop working at the limit, we tell in our article.

We are always in a hurry, we do not have time, we are late and we get worried when something does not go according to plan. It would seem that the development of technology should have made life much easier. There are different variants of how to optimize your work time, not to forget important dates. Eventually, entertainment apps like TonyBet Casino and others were supposed to relax the brain. However, this did not happen. Gadgets have made us lazier and less stress-resistant. And our efficiency is diminished despite their help.

There are situations when an employee gets a new assignment or a colleague’s job without prior explanation and preparation. In the pursuit of a higher position, an increase in income, or out of fear of disappointing the bosses, the person does not dare to give up the extra workload. And begin to work tirelessly.

Working 8-10 and sometimes 12-14 hours doesn’t make an employee more efficient. In my practice I have met different types of people: some people slept 5 hours and worked 12, others slept 8 hours and worked 6. Who do you think was more efficient? We can say with certainty that efficiency has nothing to do with the number of hours you work. It has everything to do with how you work.

Burnout and Decreased Efficiency Are Much More Than Just a Consequence of Your Physical Condition

On the way home, you keep checking your emails and messengers, and at home you make plans for the next day, replaying in your head the options of meetings, tasks, and possible solutions. And in the morning – again in battle. All this does not make you highly effective, but on the contrary, leads to burnout.

At some point in the flow of thoughts, questions, desire to do everything, and mismatch of plans you want to let everything go on its own. Yesterday the person was the best employee, and today, reaching the boiling point, he quit his job and excellent prospects. The company has lost a valuable employee. This situation is not uncommon.

Companies care about the physical health of employees, not realizing that burnout and decreased efficiency are much more than just a consequence of the physical condition. Now some global corporations have begun to introduce Employee Assistance Program (EAP) programs to help employees improve their mental health.

Such programs involve regular counseling, emergency assistance, and employee well-being audits. Depending on preference, counseling can be done in person, online, by phone, or via messenger, and there are also 24-hour hotline support specialists. EAPs can vary depending on employee groups, e.g., top managers, women, upper management.

We don’t have this practice yet, unfortunately.

However, There Are Some Small Steps That Can Be Burnout Preventative and Improve Daily Efficiency.

1. Develop Healthy Habits To Start the Day

How you start the day is how you spend it. Pay attention to how your morning is organized. The author of “The Miracle Morning” Hel Elord said that the first hour determines success. Allow yourself 5 minutes of silence to visualize, reflect, and prepare for the new day. Then five minutes for affirmations. This is a positive affirmation to improve any area of life. And don’t forget to devote 15-20 minutes to exercise or reading.

2. Organize Your Workspace Wisely

On your desktop, there should be a minimum of items that can distract from the process and interfere with quick decision-making. If you spend 5 minutes looking for something on your desk or computer, it immediately reduces your efficiency and concentration.

This will be the case for you until you take a break and put things in order. After that, you will be able to find any information or document we need without thinking.

3. Try Meditation

To many people, meditation seems like something useless. Sitting, doing nothing, not thinking. What a waste of time? But the truth is, your brain is working at a frantic rate every day. There is so much to do, to remember. At some point, it just needs some peace of mind.

Meditation helps you control your thoughts so they don’t control your life. If you are feeling stressed or dissatisfied with your accomplishments, meditation can be the first step to solving the problem.

Remember a simple idea: there is a fine line between being efficient and working yourself to death. It is important to look at yourself from the outside, to be able to prioritize, to take pauses, and to organize your time, space and thoughts wisely.

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