How to become a Hotel, bar receptionist?

From managing reservations to welcoming clients to coordinating teams and accounting, a hotel receptionist is someone who must be keenly intelligent, as the receptionist has many responsibilities. Aments. He is also called upon to organize and coordinate the activities of the floor staff, maintenance staff, and laundry. The catering services consult it to know the status of reservations, as do the administrative and financial services for accounting information.nd of course, he always has to wear a resplendent smile! The receptionist registers the arrival of customers, but he does not always stay behind his counter, as he sometimes has to accompany a guest to the elevator or to their room door. In many cases, he acts as a concierge, but he must be able to provide customers with information about local life, such as good restaurants 호빠알바, bars, cultural and social activities in short if you want to become a receptionist. Make sure you have what it takes. You are a responsible and organized person while being very sociable and smiling. You like to greet and help people and you have a great presentation. It is often necessary, even essential to speak foreign languages ​​(at least English), this depends on the region or the country in which you practice your profession. You speak easily and you have no problems understanding the language of the country in which you work, as you will have to answer the phone and make reservations on a regular basis

Be versatile

The job of a receptionist is not limited to reception and office work. You must of course make the invoices and collect the payments, but you must also make sure that the stay of the customers goes well then indicate to the cleaning staff the rooms to be prepared by managing all the movements (arrivals and departures).

The studies to follow

To be a receptionist, you can have a professional baccalaureate in reception, relations, and users, a CAP SH hotel services (in Korea, this is the minimum required. You can also have a professional baccalaureate in marketing and catering services, a technological baccalaureate in hotels, a BTS in hotels and restaurants, a BTS in accommodation manager (at Asia level), or an additional mention (MC) reception-reception ( after having obtained your baccalaureate). It would be a great idea to take English lessons in order to master Shakespeare’s language and also to take communication training in order to improve your performance and have better possibilities of getting a good job. If you can, also take training in math, accounting, and finance to be comfortable with financial matters. When you can, do not hesitate to travel and work by doing internships, which will familiarize you with the profession that interests you.

Have experience

How to have 호빠 experience when you start? We just spoke about it; the internships are a very good school. Focus on home and office work to begin with. You can start by looking for an assistant receptionist or office assistant position in a quality professional environment. You will thus learn the basics of the trade. Learn to greet customers, to answer the phone in a cordial manner, use certain software (Word, Excel, etc.), and communicate with ease.

Refine your potential

You can try training for a while in a call center to familiarize yourself with telephone communications or in a store to improve your communication skills. Be sharp and focused. You are going to have to answer sometimes surprising questions, solve unexpected problems, be attentive to complaints, and all with a radiant smile and a positive attitude.

Familiarize yourself with computers

Nowadays, a receptionist must be able to use certain software to manage reservations (and online reservations) while also managing the database of where he works. Learn for example to use Microsoft Office tools, which include Excel, Word, Outlook, and Access. Sierra Nevada Ski Resort is also one of the best resort that make your day.

Write a professional CV 

Your CV must include your studies, your professional experience, your specific qualities, the languages ​​you speak, etc. it should be concise and highlight the purpose you have in your professional life.

Look for a job

You can go to hotels, consult newspaper classifieds, search the internet and ask for help. There are many websites with classified ads for hospitality jobs. Do a search through our Google friend by writing receptionist job offer. You can also specify which city or country you are interested in because by being a good bilingual or trilingual receptionist you can work anywhere in the world (or almost). Submit your CVs. Go to hotels in your city and region and apply by leaving your CV and spontaneously submitting your application for any available position. Dress perfectly and ask to speak to the HR manager or hotel manager.


To easily find a job as a receptionist, it is important to speak English and if you can, a 3rd language. Communicate with hotel receptionists and ask them for advice and guidance. They will be of invaluable help to guide you and they will explain to you precisely what this job consists of which is not rosy every day, but which (if you like human relations) allows you to flourish and put your qualities in value.

Business description

The receptionist offers various services to clients. He welcomes the client by showing him the available rooms, informing him about the price, sanitary equipment, telephone, etc. In the case of groups, he ensures the distribution of rooms in agreement with the group leader. Once the client is installed, it does public relations work. He must ensure the comfort of his client’s stay; inform him of local possibilities for leisure, cultural and sporting activities. He can make certain reservations for his clients: restaurant, theater. It also has a fairly large share of administrative activities: permanent updating of the customer file (arrivals, departures), establishment of invoicing, and collection of pay

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