How to Change Location on iPhones with Tinder

Do you want to fake GPS Tinder? This is something important for users who want to change their location on Tinder. Tinder has gained popularity as such a monster application in that it looks like all lonely hearts, even using it, even including those that are not single. College students are on their way to the old steps in search of romance and everyone is searching for dates, friends, life partners and friends in between. Tinder has a lot to offer, but it has one major drawback, especially for users who live in small towns. On Tinder it is possible to out-swipe the local dating community and thus, they should be high and dry again and again.

How to change location in tinder ?

First of all, you need an Android phone for this. We are using a built-in feature of Android to do this, of course, it will not work on iOS or Windows Phone.

  1. Go to Settings> Tablet / Phone.
  2. Keep tapping on the build number until it tells you that you are the developer.

3. Check but allow fake locations.

4. Go to Settings> Location.

5. Tap on Mode.

6. Change location mode for devices only with high accuracy. This is to prevent Tinder from using WiFi to indicate your location instead of GPS which we are going to trick soon.

7. Install everywhere from play store to tinder. Update: Everywhere for Tinder has been removed from the Play Store, use fake GPS location instead. The tutorial will work in the same way.

Why Dr.Fone – Virtual Location?

Of course, because it allows you to do many things as described below:

– Dr.Fone – With the virtual location, you can move the GPS location of your iOS device to any new location. For example, you can change your original GPS location in Los Angeles to a new location in Miami. This way you can get more freedom while accessing online dating apps like Tinder.

– This tool is important for you when you are dealing with augmented reality games like Pokémon Go, so that it becomes easy for you to emulate those fake tricks. The simulation of simulated movements can be arranged in several modes such as walking, cycling and car driving.

– You can change the GPS location on five devices.

– With fake locations, of course you can unblock some sites. Please note, some sites provide strict restrictions for people from certain regions / countries.

Of course, Dr.Fone – there are many options for virtual space but unfortunately most of them require a jailbreak process. In most cases, the jailbreak process will completely disrupt your iOS device system. In the case of Dr.Fone, no jailbreak is required. And this app is very safe, as long as you can reasonably simulate the fake location / movement, you won’t get caught. Now, it is very easy to do a fake location on the iPhone.

Conclusion: Dr.Fone – Virtual location is the best solution for Faking location on iPhone and playing Pokémon Go without any restrictions. No matter the weather or traffic conditions, you can still play Pokemon GO whenever and wherever you catch creatures. Because you can still play in your cozy bedroom!

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