How to choose a right university?

There are several 100 universities to choose from. The endless list of universities is hard to keep track of for high school graduates. And each one is different, has its own inner workings, its own rules. But what criteria do I use to find universities? What do I do to increase my further career opportunities and, on the other hand, to be able to lead a pleasant student life?

Make university choice dependent on the elite?

In any case, do not waste your money in expensive private universities that do not offer any significant advantages. Especially since tuition fees have been abolished across the board in recent years and the academic playing field has been leveled across the country. Despite everything: there will always be differences between the individual universities. So take some time to think about which university is the perfect place for you to study. To make your decision easier, we have summarized the most important criteria for new students – sorted from ‘very important to ‘only important in individual cases.


If you choose option one, the physical proximity to the university is one of the deciding factors. A daily journey of 30 to 40 kilometers is feasible in any case, provided you have a car. But from 50 or 60 kilometers it becomes critical. Do not underestimate the time and strength that pendulum movements cost you every day. Commuting isn’t just bad news, it can also affect your academic performance for the worse.


For many students, this is the number one criterion. After all, you want to (have to) spend the next few years of your life in this city – and you should also feel a bit comfortable. If not, find out about the cultural offers, the fun factor, and beautiful parks for jogging in advance before you make your decision. We are also happy to send a question to other readers in our new sister portal.


The cost of living in Germany is anything but uniform. If your budget doesn’t allow for big jumps, high-priced cities then don’t underestimate typical student cities either, the housing shortage is often great there, and rents are correspondingly expensive. So take a look at the local rent index and compare the average rental prices. There is also various cost-of-living calculators on the Internet that you can use to run through individual scenarios.

Course of study

Before even going to university, you should carefully choose your subject. Business studies are not always the same, Romance studies here are different from Romance studies there. What is the specific content of my course of study? What are the priorities? Are there any professors who are luminaries in their field? Compulsory internships that have to be completed? A compulsory semester study abroad? Compare the content in terms of your personal interests and career plans. And ask the question, what about online courses and compulsory attendance? Such framework conditions could give you more flexibility in your studies.

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University rankings are popular. They break down the most complex relationships into a simple 1-2-3 ranking list that is quick and easy to consume. And they definitely leave their mark on the collective consciousness, regardless of the truth or not. By visiting site you can know where do nyu students live.

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