How to choose an office safe

So, you’re looking for a safe to secure valuables in the workplace.

A quick online search will reveal that there are countless different options to choose from. However, they’re not all created equal, and knowing which one to install in your office can be tricky.

Ideally, an office safe needs to have a plethora of features to ensure you can protect your valuables at all costs. It also needs to provide you with the peace of mind that the necessary personnel can still access the contents of the safe as and when they need to.

Specialist suppliers, such as eSafes, stock an extensive range of security safes for homes and offices. Whilst you’re bound to find something suitable, the below factors will help you to narrow your options down and make an informed decision.

Where will the safe go?

The location of your office safe is an important factor to take into account.

Will it be kept under a desk, out of sight of prying eyes? Perhaps you’ll conceal it in the wall behind a photo frame, or under the floorboards?

Some safes are specifically designed to be stored on the floor, while others are better suited to walls or desk drawers.

Once you’ve decided where you’ll install your safe, you’ll then be able to choose a suitable model for your space and security requirements.

What size safe do you need?

Office safes come in a wide range of sizes, and the perfect size for you will depend on what you intend to store inside your safe and where it will be installed.

Most businesses want a safe that’s big enough to store possessions safely, and heavy enough that someone cannot easily pick it up and walk out of the door with it.

Saying that, though, an overly large safe is likely to be much harder to hide, and may become more of a hindrance in the office.

Our best advice is to think carefully about the items you’ll stow inside and how much space you have available in your office.

What is your budget?

Everyone wants to trust that the items held inside the safe are protected, but not everyone can afford to buy a high-security safe.

High-security safes offer better protection for valuables in the workplace and come with a host of useful features and functions. These tend to cost more than less secure models.

If your budget won’t stretch to a high-security safe, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of affordable options out there – including budget safes. Though these don’t offer as many protective features as premium models, they are manufactured to stringent standards and cost a fraction of the price.

Budget safes have a unique cash rating that is fully certified by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS). This rating can be used as a guide for what you can store inside your safe, and the value your insurer will cover should your safe be stolen, vandalised, or damaged.

Ready to invest in an office safe?

Taking into consideration the size, location, and price of the safe will enable you to select the most suitable solution for your business needs.

Be sure to browse the fantastic collection of office safes online at eSafes – they stock all the leading brands, including (but not limited to) Burton, Chubbsafes, Dudley, Securikey, and Yale.

Whether it be a key lock, electronic lock, or biometric (fingerprint) lock, their safes are fitted with a high-security lock as standard, so you can relax knowing that your belongings will be safe and secure at all times.

What’s more, eSafes guarantee some of the most competitive prices around, allowing you to purchase top-quality products that enhance security without breaking the bank.

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