How To Develop A Content Marketing Strategy For Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Traditional and New Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

While traditional marketing strategies are all but gone, some older techniques remain today and are used by some law firms because they continue to show an element of success with the addition of this new thing called Internet marketing. Still, for the most part, Internet marketing is here to stay, and older law firm owners must jump on this new marketing bandwagon to promote their business and remain viable.

Does your law firm need to search for a team of professionals who can boost your client base using new marketing methods? 

Marketing a law firm is a full-time job, whether or not your company utilizes traditional techniques or the Internet. Marketing your law firm must concentrate wholly on the job at hand. You already have a full-time job running your company. We can say with certainty that you do not have the time to market or have the skills needed for complete marketing success and at the same time give all your clients 100 percent of your attention.

What can your law firm do to remain at the forefront of the public eye?

You can hire a person to market your goods and services solely. However, one person is not going to fill this need. You must have a team of people to reap success in increasing your company’s client base and see exceedingly high profits regularly. It is to the advantage of your law firm to hire a company with a winning team to help improve your client base and skyrocket your profits. As a business owner, you must make sure that the person (s) you hire to market your law firm has all they need at their disposal.

The person (s) you hire must have high marketing skills and develop a content marketing strategy individualized to your specific law firm’s expertise. For example, you would not seek the services of a personal injury law firm if you need estate advice. Your marketers need to develop an individualized marketing plan centered around the legal aspects of your firm, whose expertise is personal injury law.

There is an abundance of marketing agencies lending a hand to law offices for marketing purposes. Unfortunately, few marketing agencies offer specific law marketing services. It would be best to narrow your marketing agencies to those that market explicitly for the law arena and no other industry.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Some law firms do not have a budget to fit their dreams of specific marketing strategies. Do not follow a particular marketing path if you do not have the time or money to implement proven marketing tactics properly.

Many law firm owners now realize that they need to leverage social media to help draw in clients to the firm. The Internet is here to stay and keeps evolving every year. If you understand all aspects of Internet marketing campaigns, you probably do not have the time and money to devote to the new marketing techniques. We utilize unique and quicker ways to get your business in the public eye, including the use of the following.

  • Branding that matches your budget
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Radio Ads
  • Television Ads
  • SEO or PPC campaigns
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Keeping prospective clients close to you
  • Various face to face networking

Law Offices for Personal Injuries Must Consider the Following

What are the costs of marketing success, and realize there is a need to keep marketing costs under control?

Know that time is money.

How does a successful marketing plan work?

What do other law firms the same size as theirs do or do not do for marketing centered around the same type of budget?

A law firm must decide if they want to fit into an already busy day with successful marketing strategies, or do they yearn to hire a team to do this vital job?

We realize that many law firms are hard-pressed to fit the cost of marketing into their budget. You cannot afford to spend money on a marketing plan that will likely fail. Our experienced marketing strategies work, and we never implement any marketing plan that we know will not be successful for a law firm. We individualize marketing plans centered around the firm’s needs.

A marketing plan through another agency or computer-savvy individual failed because the program was poorly implemented, or the plan was never individualized towards the firm’s needs.

Steps Towards a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Never assume that your marketing agency goes to work without your input. We could take the following steps to help your law firm increase its client base and skyrocket its profits.

  • We utilize older marketing techniques such as television, radio, billboards, social media, and anything that involves a mass advertising plan.
  • We feel you must pursue awareness of your brand into the public eye with a not easily forgotten brand. We do this by frequently reaching as much of the public as possible. (The keyword is frequent.)
  • Your personal injury law firm must inform and educate others wrongly injured to have a compensation case with your law firm.
  • The ideal website design is informational and educational for clients searching for the perfect personal injury law firm. We accomplish this through organic SEO of the area.
  • Sometimes we add a pay-per-click advertisement to your law firm’s website.
  • We reference the firm’s logo, brand colors, and specific persona, such as seen on a website that adds either a note of seriousness, toughness or down to business focus. Ads must correlate with the type of firm, such as personal injury. We make it known to the public who you are and what you can offer them as potential clients.
  • We design your website to be clear and consistent for the visitor.
  • We update brands every three to five years to prevent your website from becoming dull and stale.
  • We make sure that you show an increase in your client base every year.
  • We solicit verifiable reviews of your services.

In conclusion, we implore your law firm to be clear about your specific brand or what you do and how your firm helps those wrongly injured at the hands of a reckless person. We work tirelessly to obtain many positive verifiable reviews through exceptional customer service. Encourage your clients to please leave a review of your law firm. Prospective clients looking for your specific personal injury law firm find you through our efforts of ideal SEO for personal injury attorneys.

Remember to work on popularity with the community by making yourself known to the local public. You can do this through being a guest speaker, attending local events, taking clients and potential clients out for lunch, joining worthwhile organizations, and getting out into the community to become well known and respected. Individuality is the key. Send out birthday and holiday cards to clients, and remember clients’ names and faces.

The ideal marketing firm utilizes several marketing tools and individualizes these tools accordingly. We take into consideration,

  • Your budget
  • Your market (personal injuries)
  • Your goals

We always design a website that showcases your services to thousands of potential clients. We are a success-driven marketing agency for law firms in various specific law areas such as, but not limited to, personal injuries.

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