How to do resource capacity planning with modern tools? 

Demand is changing, and it’s happening more dynamically than at any time in our history. Capacity resource planning is a domain of a modern company, acting in accordance with the spirit of time and market needs. 

Thus, a modern company must use its limited resources most efficiently and obtain the best value. Planning is a very important part of the entire business management process. 

That’s why Binocs meets your requirements and offers you the most effective resource planning program in the world. 

Often companies do capacity planning using their legacy systems, such as Excel spreadsheets. Binocs proves that r&d capacity can be done with new, intuitive devices that will speed up and improve our work.

What is resource capacity planning?

Planning is a very important part of the whole management process. A poorly designed plan causes the company to not perform as it should and incur unnecessary costs that it could avoid. 

Resource capacity planning predicts the gap between capacity and resource demand. Resources in a business can be people, assets, facilities, equipment, vehicles, etc. Resource capacity plan is especially important for employees. 

First of all, their workload will be reduced. They will always receive a work schedule in a clear and understandable format. The ability to access data in real time will allow for efficient communication of information.

How to do resource capacity planning with modern tools

Ditching Excel and replacing it with new programs will streamline the resource capacity plan. Excel spreadsheets and half-baked in-house capacity planning solutions are extremely limiting and difficult to maintain. 

Binocs can leverage existing business systems such as PLM (product lifecycle management) or PPM (product/project portfolio systems) to capture R&D needs. 

Demand types other than standard can be used directly through the Binocs user interface or transferred from existing Excel workbooks. 

Binocs helps align the capabilities of scientists and engineers with the demand to complete projects and come up with new ideas.

Performance analysis and forecasting

Binocs calculates the required load based on demand and service information. The reports can then be displayed. There will be messages such as workload for a specific project, workload per brand etc.

 Binocs uses pivot charts and tables that you should associate with tools like Excel. This provides unlimited opportunities to shape reports to answer questions. 

Binocs allows you to create scenarios where you can speculate on given changes in the company. In simpler terms, the program allows you to ask “what if?” questions. 

You can then compare the ROI of different solutions to help you and your management choose the best option. 

This tool enables comprehensive visibility – it creates awareness of what people are asking about.

The tool, thanks to its analysis and accurate tables, warns where performance problems will occur and helps to align the daily reality with the R&D strategy.


Wrapping up, to cope up with the modern world’s business, doing  works effieciently is much important than ever to go one step ahead than your competitors. 

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