How to keep materials safe

Material retention in the right place is one of building safety. Think about storing heavy sheet metal on top of a bucket or crate. If employees do not know, then lift the boxes. There may be an accident from the metal sheet falling over it. Today this discussion will take everyone to learn through articles on sheet metal storage systems.

Safe storage of materials

1. There must be a place to store materials which are kept as follows:

  • Classify the types of materials into official categories.
  • Organize the materials neatly. There must be no clutter that may cause an accident.
  • Planning the material placement in sheet metal storage by frequently used materials must be in a location that can be easily transported and stored.
  • There must be a convenient passageway to move each type of material. including thoroughfares for transport vehicles
  • Install fire extinguishing equipment on the spot.
  • Stacking of materials of the same type should not be stacked higher than the specified height not to allow the area to receive a lot of weight. When moving, there will be no danger of falling over materials.

2. Containers for storing materials

  • Allocate space to store materials by not allowing the weight to exceed the limit.
  • If the material is stored in bags or sacks, the mouth of the bag must be tied tightly and not too complicated.

3. Allocate materials by type

  • Chemical materials must be stored in a secure place that relevant employees can only access to prevent chemicals from leaking to other areas and install safety equipment, including emergency fire extinguishers, emergency washbasins, etc.
  • Pipe type material or long rod material. It should be stored so that it will not be a danger to passersby when unloading. One side of the handrail should not face significant thoroughfare. Large pipes or long metal rods should be stacked in layers or may be placed on a separate floor in sheet metal storage systems as a category and must remove the wooden plate to block it so that it does not roll or fall easily.
  • Sheet metal, often sharp, must be kept in a sealed place, not protruding in the thoroughfare, and should not stack metal sheets too high.
  • Substances that are fine granules or dust such as fertilizer, wood dust, flour, chemicals, and charcoal must be separated from each other and kept tightly closed. Do not allow those substances to mix until dangerous by installing emergency fire extinguishers at the points.

Hazard protection in material storage areas

  1. Install warning signs at the points, especially when flammable materials are stored, or hazardous materials are.
  2. Install a list of materials collected at each point will be able to move the material without error.
  3. Install fire extinguishers in all risk areas to prevent emergencies.
  4. Clean the area in the thoroughfare in the material storage location regularly.
  5. In some areas, for storing materials moving the material, Safety equipment must always be worn before handling.
  6. Always adhere to work rules such as no smoking in the material storage area.

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