How to Make the Most of Your Twenties

When you are in your twenties, you feel like tremendous freedom. You just graduated, have moved out of your parents’ house, and yes, you are dating. However, there are still things that you ought to do if you want to be self-aware and ready for your thirties.

The past generations may have fed you with a myriad of ideologies. In other terms, the “you should, and shouldn’t.”However, you need to ask yourself, how does that make you feel? It is no secret that today’s generation was made to (financially) survive and thrive. You had to do things that you overlooked as the most important factor of moving.

Find Something Worthwhile

Although it seemed as if you had to follow the norms and rules of society, when you are doing something that you believe in, you will be fine. You would not have to be scared to turn out just like everybody else. When you find a job that makes the actual work fun, hold on to it and make it last. You do not have to think that you studied hard for years so that you could only pay your rent. It will be quite the opposite. Understanding that things come at a cost will help you be more responsible. One day, you will stop paying the rent and work with a mortgage broker to finally get the dream house you want without realizing it. Yes, it is about the destination, but how you spend your journey is also just as important.

Although you are told to get a high-paying job, remember there is no way to measure success but being fulfilled in the end. Do not let other people dictate your career path, even if it is logical to be financially stable.

Continue Learning

People might have called financing your education investment. In a way, it is, but it is not about expecting an ROI. Do not be the kind of person that would expect a greater revenue when doing something. Your twenties should not drive you to think that all that matters is time and money. It is the perfect time to venture into everything you want to do and learn. If you feel like you have so much more to learn, go back to school and continue learning. Learning never stops. If you stop the moment you have graduated, you will waste the years to come.

The best time to continue studying is in your twenties, while you still have no commitment to your own family and children. You are out there working the way of the world for yourself because your first education might not have been something that sufficed for you. The system of education, or accurately speaking, the system of rewarding, is not perfect. Some even broke young spirits and aspirations. If you are one of these young spirits, you have more reason to go back to school and pursue what you want.

People might have told you, these are the standards, the standards are in Latin, and everyone should strive to achieve the said awards. The said education system did not teach any soul to be genuinely happy, which you should do in your twenties.

Make Mistakes and Learn From Them

Being raised by a generation surrounded by economic instability and inconsistency, you could have been told that financial stability and security are everything-resulting in a perfectionist younger generation. Afraid to try things, scared to go out of their comfort zones, and pressured to do everything right. Well, that should not be the case when you are in your twenties. Life is about more than just surviving, and in many ways, you need to make mistakes to learn. Go for that job, meet new people, travel the world, do not just settle. When you encounter mistakes, you focus on what you can do and learn from them. After all, mistakes make great stories to tell in the future.

Final Thoughts

Young people today have fought their way out of societal standards and ideals, and that is one good sign that there is progress in the world. In your twenties, you should prove yourselves not just to the generation that came before you but also to your younger selves. Remember that being in your twenties does not mean you have to grow up immediately because of responsibilities. Remember that people can also die of routine and responsibilities. So make your twenties, the age when you are still filled with energy and passion, count.

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