Hulk – top scorer of the Brazilian championship 2021

The 2021 season will be remembered by fans of the Brazilian Serie A because “Atlético Mineiro” won the league title for the first time in 50 years. Fans can follow the team’s football live results on the sports statistics website. It should be noted that in the season when “Atlético Mineiro” won back the title, there was an interesting enough struggle for the title of the best goalscorer of the Brazilian championship. In the end, the award was given to the experienced Hulk.

The forward had 19 accurate shots and 7 assists. This is a great result, especially considering the fact that he was 34 years old. Hulk returned to his home country and proved that it was not in vain. Largely thanks to the impressive performance of the forward, “Atlético Mineiro” managed to win the coveted gold medals.

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Overall, Hulk’s success in the scoring race can’t be called that sensational. Yes, the forward was already 34 years old, but his class was beyond doubt. Many thought that the forward would be able to demonstrate it only periodically. In reality, however, it turned out that the forward played steadily over the long distance. During most of the distance he showed a productive game and, in many ways, it determined the fate of the race for the gold medals.

What helped Hulk beat all the competitors?

The championship of Brazil is the championship, where there is always a lot of young talent. And Hulk, though a great player, but sometimes he can be lazy, and the age takes its toll. However, in “Atlético Mineiro” he managed to experience literally the second youth. By the way, it is easy to find out live scores today football with the participation of this team on the verified platform. Even the friendly meetings of the team are covered here.

Among the factors that helped Hulk win the scoring race, it is worth noting:

  1. A perfectly placed shot, especially from long distances. Goalkeepers had practically no chance to leave his shots.
  2. Not a bad chemistry with his partners. He formed an impactful duo with another veteran, Diego Costa.
  3. The speed, which is not lost even in a respectable, by soccer standards, age.

Thanks to this, the player was consistently at his best and deservedly received the title of the best scorer.

It’s easy to follow the continued success of his team on the trusted site. Here today scores of all football matches, taking place live, with the participation of this team are available to all fans. This allows them to keep their hand on the pulse. As for Hulk, he did not reduce his effectiveness in the future and regularly demonstrated brilliant individual performances.

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