Improve your knowledge and social interaction skills by discussing

Technology came as a blessing for most of the aspects of our life. But, like every other good thing, there is a dark side to these technologies. People are more and more like an introvert nowadays. It is alarming because staying on your own is good until it is affecting your productivity. Moreover, for over a year, the world is under lockdown. So, social gathering spaces like schools, colleges, cafes, and such organizations are out of function. Most people, especially kids, suffer from mental depression, clinical depression, and many more disorders. Elders are Also not in better conditions. Discussion forums can be a perfect option to fight these very well.

About discussion forums

Discussion forums are usually a group where people come along and share their views. Mostly a discussion forum follows the Socratic method or didactic method of teaching. No one is a designated teacher here. Discussion is more likely social participation here. For ages, researchers found some advantages of joining a discussion forum regarding topics. Such as

Improving social communication skills

Nowadays, people are more eager to appoint an employee with better EQ than a higher IQ. EQ Stands for emotional quotient. It is the ability to interact with people, understanding their mindset. Though most of the businesses are coming online, it is not going to be mechanical ultimately. Human interaction and behavior analysis are more critical than ever. Here you will not see or meet a person regularly. Only your ways of communication can bring people to your business place. If you indulge yourself in discussion forums earlier with people, it can help you a lot.

In politics

Democratic politics is the way of ruling countries nowadays. Here two parties are not oppositions but have the same motto and different approach. Regular discussion with the opposition teams in front of people will ensure the policymaker’s clarity. Also, it will help the leaders to see events from a new dimension and solve problems more efficiently. Even if the ruling party does not adapt everything from the forum, they can work on their strategy later on. Western democracies already proved it to be a better approach to gain mass support and mandate.

Developing hobbies

It is pretty familiar in the suburbs or outskirts of cities for a long time. People make gardening society, stamp collection teams, cooking clubs to pass the time well. Here people share their experiences, views, and ways to overcome problems together. As a result, the community grows up, and no one gets behind. Most social scientists say it is the reason that depression was not very severe in the past years. People used to help each other to grow and not put them down.

Overcoming disabilities

There are support groups for disabled persons worldwide. With dyslexia, any physical disability, autism, and such learning difficulties can join these support groups. Mostly, these are discussion forums. Here people talk about their experience throughout the disease and remission. Discussion forums work as therapy for the patients. Some studies say that cancer patients who regularly communicate with their support group have better remission rates than people who only took medicine. No wonder that mental health and peace have a great deal in physical healing.

Disadvantages of discussion forums

There are not many disadvantages of discussion forums at all. But, if you are not clear about your views already, then it may lead to biases. Ten people on a discussion forum will give ten different ideas and paths of solutions. You need to develop a way to choose between right and wrong and proceed according to the process.

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