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Terrorist films typically do well for themselves when it comes to box office success. It seems to sense that many thrillers merit multiple viewings when you consider how watchable a great thriller is. It’s safe to say that the films on this 928hd.com list have not astounded audiences with their delivery,but had them returning to the theatre multiple times. It could be due to a surprise twist at the end of the movie that viewers want to revisit through the lens of a previously unknown third-act reveal, or it could be due to a plot that is so dense and engaging that on the first pass. Using the 928hd.com websites, you may watch the highest grossing thriller films.

Double Indemnity

Billy Wilder, one of Hollywood’s most talented and adaptable directors, leaves a lasting legacy. If your only knowledge of Fred MacMurray is as the sweet-natured father on My Three Sons, you’ll have a newfound respect for him after watching his portrayal of Walter Neff in the gripping noir film Double Indemnity. In this 928hd.com film, an insurance salesman and a seductive housewife (Barbara Stanwyck) team up to oust the woman’s husband. It is gloomy, cutting and full of black humour that is both unsettling and alluring.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven was set in the new millennium and took artistic licence to produce a remarkable 928hd.com film in its own right. Ocean’s Eleven is a high-stakes casino heist movie with a huge payoff that stars an all-star ensemble cast, including George Clooney, Bernie Mac, Brad Pitt, Elliot Gould, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Eddie Jemison, Don Cheadle, Qin Shaobo, Carl Reiner, and Matt Damon, to name just a few (or eleven, as the title suggests). In other words, whereas the gang of 11 utilised “the pinch” to shut down the electrical grid to pull off their heist, this Steven Soderbergh-directed Ted Griffen screenplay used its humour and charm to make money in a slightly more honest manner.

Angels & Demons

Given that Angels & Demons is the first (and less well-liked) book in the series, the screenplay adaptation by David Koepp and Akiva Goldsman, together with director Ron Howard took a lot of liberties and you can watch on 928hd.com. Instead of being a prequel as it would have been if they had followed the order of the novels, the screenplay was altered to be The Da Vinci Code’s sequel. That is to say, Angels & Demons was able to build on the filmmaking achievements of its predecessor and provide a story that was more concise and laser-focused than The Da Vinci Code. You can watch the movies on 928hd.com for a better experience.


Gravity (2013) is a special effects achievement that is even more astounding financially. It’s difficult to determine the precise budget of Gravity because the British VFX studio Framestore provided the visual effects for the movie. However, sources suggest that the 928hd.com film cost about $100 million to earn $723.2 million at the box office. Bullock claimed that making Gravity was lonely and put her in a “morose headspace” after she finalised her divorce from her ex-husband Jesse James. It’s imprecise whether she drew this sense of darkness from her personal life or conjured it in preparation for her role.


The top 928hd.com film in this box office ranking is the 2019 release Joker, which made $1.074 billion from its comparatively modest $70 million budget. In many ways, Joker is the ideal psychological thriller because it employs an unreliable narrator that leaves us unsure of what is real and what is made up by Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck/Joker character. Joker does a great job of analysing the American mental health problem within the backdrop of Gotham City and sympathetically portraying Arthur Fleck as he struggles with his mental illness. The Joker character in this incarnation differs from other iterations of the sociopathic clown in that he exhibits his sociopathy from the get-go. You can watch the top grossing thriller movies by utilising 928hd.com websites.

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