Laser treatments Toronto have grown in popularity in the past couple of decades. It has brought about innovations and revolutions in the world of skincare. This advancement helps it to target skin concerns more strategically. They work because they target various layers of the skin. During the treatment, heat is delivered using wavelengths. Based on the wavelength chosen, the laser will target various layers from hair follicles to the collagen in the dermis layer. Trauma is caused by the heat which makes the body respond to it and rejuvenate those targeted areas. There are many laser treatments available. CO2 Laser treatment is the most aggressive option. It is a great treatment option for skin concerns like deep acne scarring, deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. We are here to tell you all about this gold standard laser treatment.

How does the CO2 Laser treatment work?

A carbon Dioxide Laser or CO2 laser is an ablative laser approach. During the treatment, there is strategical trauma induced to the skin. This helps the skin to resurface. The amount of energy used is dependent on the concern being targeted. It is also the depth of the penetration. To make you comfortable, anaesthesia is administered. Depending on the area being targeted, whether it is the full face or the neck, it can take between 30 minutes to an hour.

What happens after the procedure?

Recovery from CO2 laser treatment is different from other laser treatments as it is a more aggressive approach. After the treatment, you might experience pain similar to a prolonged sunburn. Before leaving the facility, you will be provided with instructions that you need to follow. Right after the laser treatment, your face might become red and swollen. You can do a cold compress. This will help to make you feel comfortable and bring down the swelling. In the following days, the treated skin will start crusting. This will lead to stripes on your skin. The skin which has not been impacted by the laser will work as the healing centre. It will help promote the production of new skin cells. Within the first week, the skin will flake off. You are suggested to take at least a week off from your routine and concentrate on recovery. The healing time varies from individual to individual. It is dependent on the damage done to the skin and the area targeted.

When do you start seeing results?

A great thing about this procedure is that you will begin to see results right after the procedure. Over the next six months, you will continue to see progression in the results. In this period, new collagen will be produced by the body. One treatment of the ablative laser is usually enough to address severe skin concerns and irregularities. You will be able to see remarkable results. There are times when a second treatment is required. Your physician will let you know about the same. The CO2 laser is known for addressing deep-rooted skin irregularities.

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