Midlife high blood pressure increases the risk of dementia to a great extent

It has been found in a scientific research that formation of high blood pressure at the middle age may lead to women to a risk of vascular dementia. Doctors are of the opinion that this is due to difference in treatment between women and men or it may be due to biological difference between the two sexes. Medical experts are of the opinion that there is a tendency of blood pressure increasing with age and women cannot be an exception to that. During the past few years, it has been observed that there is a tendency of increase in blood pressure among the people due to a huge increase in sedentary lifestyle. People tend to work more by sitting in front of the computer for hours and hence their body movement has become very much restricted. This has lead to many diseases like overweight and high blood pressure.

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The research also found that during mid-life, the link between dementia and midlife cardiovascular events was same for both women and men. But the results were found to be different in case of high blood pressure.

In the study, it was found that the increased smoking status, high body fat, diabetes and the experience of having a stroke earlier can all be the factors behind the occurrence of dementia to somewhat similar level in both cases of men and women. Of late, it has been found that smoking and drinking has increased to a great extent among both men and women. Moreover, people have also increased consuming fatty food by many times than before. All these factors have a very bad effect on the heart condition of the people, including formation of cardiovascular diseases.

While analyzing from the point of view of blood pressure, it has been observed that the link between the risk of dementia and blood pressure in men and women are totally different. Women having very high blood pressure are exposed to a higher risk of vascular dementia than men.

In case of men, it has been found that it is a U-shaped relationship. It signifies that the relationship is first going downward and then it starts increasing or just the reverse – between the risk of dementia in men and blood pressure. In case of men, it can be observed that both low and high blood pressure can lead to a higher risk of dementia. In case of women, the higher is the blood pressure level, the more is the risk for vascular dementia. This relationship is also known as dose-response. Doctors are of the opinion that disparities in sex do exist in various forms of health, mostly to the disadvantage of women. It is also an interesting fact that sticking to the treatment is lower in case of women than men.

Medical experts are of the opinion that cardiovascular health plays a significant role in affecting the health of our brain. Creation of high blood pressure may have lead to dementia by various mechanisms. One of the most common mechanisms is occurrence of many strokes over a certain period of time.

Doctors say that combination of small strokes can create a condition named as multi-infarct dementia or popularly known as vascular dementia. Having chronic blood pressure over a long period of time can cause changes in the minute blood vessels of the brain and these minor changes may lead to dementia and mini-strokes in the future. So, one has to be very careful in maintaining normal blood pressure level throughout life to avoid stroke and dementia. Many people used to ignore their routine blood pressure medicine over days and that is a major mistake. Blood pressure should be kept normal at any stage to avoid any stroke and dementia in the future.

Research studies have also pointed out that brain disorders may lead to Alzheimer among women in the future. Memory disorder or dementia may lead to cognitive decline among women. One of the reasons is men are seen to be experiencing very serious cardiovascular disease and they die early and hence few affected men are generally found. As far as Alzheimer disease is concerned, out of total affected in the United States, two third are found to be women and one third is men. The reason is more men die out of cardiovascular disease than women early. Doctors have also pointed out that decrease in estrogens level created from menopause is considered to be a very high risk factor for decline among women.

Now the question is how to reduce blood pressure and manage risks. You can adopt the following measures in order to control the blood pressure. People can control their blood pressure to a great extent by doing the following lifestyle changes –

  • One should eat a balanced diet which is very high in vegetarian products, namely the DASH diet.
  • You should never smoke
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol to a great extent
  • Quit smoking totally
  • Leave the sedentary lifestyle and keep yourself physically active
  • Reduce stress to the maximum level and maintain a happy mind

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