Mixing CBD and Alcohol: What Happens?

Since CD was legalized, it’s been in the limelight in the health and wellness industry. And why not? It possesses innumerable health benefits that are even impossible to be remembered by a human. They are sold as supplements at natural health stores and pharmacies. CBD is everywhere and in every form, such as Protein bars, oil, gels and lip balms. And the alcohol industry is no farther as they too have started the production of alcohol-infused with CBD Vape Oil. But the most important aspect is safety. Is it safe to have alcohol with CBD? You will get all your answers in the text.

What do you understand about the term CBD?

CBD , cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is derived from cannabis plants. Not only CBD but THC is also derived from cannabis plants. Both are different in just a single atom arrangement, but THC can make you feel high, and that’s not the case with CBD. There are no psychoactive properties present in CBD, and hence it is safer to consume. Properties of making high are only associated with Marijuana. The CBD oil available in the market is not used alone; it is extracted and mixed with carrier oils like coconut oil, hemp oil and olive oil.

In no time, CBD has gained immense popularity and is now found in various forms in the market. These forms include sprays, chewable’s, gummies, oils and creams. In addition, researchers have found out that CBD can help reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Do alcohol and CBD enhance the effects of each other?

Alcohol is associated with inducing the feeling of relaxation while decreasing inhibitions. Also, the same effects are expected from CBD, as studies have shown that CBD can reduce anxiety and stress by calming your nerves. For example, a study was conducted in which 72 people were given 25-75 mg of CBD for a month. As a result, they experienced a drop-down in anxiety levels. In addition, CBD also improves the quality of sleep.

When you try a CBD tincture and alcohol together, you can experience enhancement in these effects. However, it can lead to symptoms like a boost in the feeling of sleepiness and sedation. Also, reports state that mixing CBD and alcohol can worsen the side effects and cause modifications in behavior and mood. For example, a study was conducted. Participants were given 200 mg of CBD with 1gram of alcohol for every kilogram of weight. As a result, they experienced impairment in motor works and perception. It was not the case when they consumed it all alone.

Can CBD protect your body from side effects due to alcohol?

There is very little research conducted on the mixture of alcohol and CBD. Still, many good and detailed types of research are needed to clear the confusion. However, from the present studies, it is estimated that CBD can protect from the following side effects of alcohol:

●  Impedes cell damage and illnesses:

It is known to everyone that when you consume excess alcohol, it damages your cells. Also, it increases the risk of inflammation and several ailments. However, many studies conducted on animals have proven that CBD can impede cell damage due to alcohol. Also, another research conducted on mice has shown that CBD can help protect against liver damage due to alcohol.

●  Reduce the level of alcohol in blood:

Blood Alcohol Concentration is a term used to describe the amount of alcohol present in the blood. When the BAC level is higher, it indicates the complete loss of motor works and cognitive function. A study found out that people having CBD and alcohol have lower BAC levels.

●  May help you beat addiction:

Several animal studies have reported that consuming CBD with alcohol can withdraw symptoms of addiction. It can help you in reducing the consumption of alcohol.


When you consume CBD and alcohol together, they can enhance each other’s effects and induce sleepiness. But many studies have found out that consuming both of them together can reduce the damages caused by alcohol to the body. CBD can also help you with eliminating alcohol addiction. But you must consult a doctor as present studies are only on animals and not humans.

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