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Most Effective Ways to SEO-Optimize an Animated Video

Animated videos are an essential factor for businesses marketing efforts regardless of their size and type. High-quality animated video content is engaging and memorable. Even in that case, creators should find the audience for their animated videos. The best way is to use opportunities that SEO gives and help your audience find your content. 

The concept of SEO is wild and involves anything you can find on a search engine, including animated videos.  

Most effective tactics to SEO-Optimize your animated video

Optimizing your animated videos to rank well not only will help your audience find your content, increasing engagement and reach. In this article, we will share four suggestions for optimizing your animated video.

  • Concentrate on users’ intentions 

When you start planning your video or publishing it, think about users’ goals while searching. It will bring more organic traffic to your pages.

The most effective way is to research keywords properly and choose keywords for your video topic and title.  

When looking for keywords, the easiest way is to use tools that will show you the best keywords available. In the next step integrate most popular related keywords into the title and descriptions.

  • Take time to optimize transcriptions.

If you want to optimize video transcriptions visibility in video search results, you should naturally add keywords.

Having text matching the audio gives you more chances to rank higher and provide an excellent user experience. 

What is great about YouTube, it creates subtitles automatically and helps you to save time.

Some tools for freelance artists will help to publish the script on your website or another service.

3. Provide a compelling title, use keywords in descriptions

A compelling title helps viewers choose video content that is engaging and relevant to their needs and expectations. The best video titles are interesting but also search engine-optimized.

There are keyword tools to help you find what your target audience is searching for in a similar video. Once you find them, place the word or phrase you want to rank for in your title.

Use keywords not only in the titles but in the description of your animated video. Descriptions are important, too, as they are written text on a website. 

4. Use stunning thumbnails

Regardless of the kind of publishing platform, it’s a great idea to create an attention-grabbing thumbnail that will help the animated videos go viral. They like previews of the content and the main factor that convince people to watch.

Make sure to express the video’s purpose with catchy words 

But don’t overuse it to get more clicks, as your audience will feel frustrated, and next time they won’t trust you.


Animated videos are the quickest way for businesses to send their message to their audience. And the great and unique content idea is not enough. You should also SEO-optimize your video so your audience can easily find you. First, you should analyze and learn about your user’s intentions. Make an effort to create a searchable title and use relevant keywords in the description. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of transcriptions. One of the crucial things is the beautiful thumbnail that will grab the viewer’s attention. Use these steps to SEO-optimize your animated video and get great results.

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