MRP and ERP-How They Differ?

MRP stands for Materials Requirement Planning and ERP stands for Enterprise Requirements Planning, MRP is a tool for the manufacturers for improvement on capacity management, inventory planning and scheduling of the operations of the plant. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software scores over the MRP methodology due to its efficiency and ease of operations. A ERP system not only helps the company in the simplification of the processes but also to streamline the operations in the different departments of the company be it human resources, sales, marketing, finance and accounting. As we all know that small and medium enterprises have struggled a lot in their sectors of operation and this issue can be attributed to their use of traditional business solution and their inadequacy to adopt the new age technology, however the global software company SAP has come out with a ERP software SAP Business One which helps the small Businesses to cut down on their cost of operations and also to improve their efficiency.

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Although many of us use the terms ERP and MRP interchangeably but each of them have their own set of benefits and features.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP software) is used in different departments like the finance, accounting, sales and marketing to simplify the complex processes in their department whereas the MRP is concerned with the inventory management where the level of inventory and its management is of importance.
  • MRP gives better control over the manufacturing operations like the inventory management, scheduling, demand forecasting whereas the ERP is looking at all the aspects and at different verticals thereby giving a bigger and complete picture of the operations at the company.visit here to know more information  : petloves
  • MRP was in trend and used by various companies from the 1960’s to 1980’s but from the 1990’s companies have started switching to the ERP systems which offer a wider range of services in comparison to the MRP softwareVisit here : btctraders24
  • Whether You are looking for the ERP software for the Engineering Industry it is always preferable to go for the ERP software in comparison to the MRP system as it offers you more benefits and features for the whole operations of the company and is not just limited to the manufacturing side of operations just like the MRP.

ERP software like SAP Business One have transformed the way the small and medium enterprises have conducted their operations and have been able to control their costs which is severe drain on the finances of the company and also increase the profits which is of high importance for the company. It is advised that they choose a reputed and experienced software vendor like the SoftCore who have helped many SME in different field with the implementation of SAP Business One.

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