Online Slots with various bonus Rounds 

A great bonus round can make a world of difference in a slot game. Thanks to modern technologies, there are more and more bonus rounds available to play in a single game at Slotzo. 

What makes a Good Bonus Round 

A good bonus round is something which many players look for when choosing an online slot game. Sometimes a good bonus round can mean the difference between winning and losing some serious cash. A good bonus round can make a huge difference to a slot game in terms of both entertainment and win value. Thanks to modern technology, many newer slots feature a slew of bonus rounds for players to enjoy. The best bonus rounds serve as a great addition to the base game of a slot, they will stick to the same gameplay and theme style of the base game whilst also providing a little more for players in terms of value and fun. If you want to win Bonus New Member 100 slots visit pasarbola and start playing online slot gambling.

Bonus Rounds 

There are a variety of bonus rounds which players will encounter when playing slot games. The following are some of the very best slot bonus rounds. 

  1. Free spins – One of the more common bonus rounds, the free spins bonus works exactly as the name suggests. Players will be awarded a set amount of free spins to use on the reels. Although this bonus doesn’t initially appear to be that lucrative, when used properly a player can accumulate a decent win from a free spins bonus. Look out for free spins combined with multipliers for even bigger wins!
  2. Wheel based games – Another popular bonus round, this bonus entails a wheel based game of some sort. Essentially, the player will be asked to spin the reel and will be rewarded with whatever prize the wheel stops on. This can provide a fun deviation from regular gameplay and can even offer lucrative prizes for players. 

Slots with various Bonus Rounds 

Bonus rounds can sometimes be the main highlight of a slot game, particularly when they offer more than one bonus round for players to enjoy. 

  •     Rocky is a video slot based on the hit film series from the 1980’s. Placing players in the boots of the eponymous boxer, players have two unique bonus features to enjoy including the knockout round bonus feature which lets players fight characters from the film series including Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang. Developed by Playtech, this slot will be loved by fans of the film series and fans of slot gaming.
  •     The Invisible Man was developed by NetEnt and it is based on the classic novella written by H.G. Wells. What’s exciting about this slot game is that it offers players a Griffin’s rage bonus feature which promises to give the players big wins, with prizes ranging from multipliers to coins and free spins. 


Slot games that have multiple bonus rounds will usually be more recent releases. This is because modern games are developed using technologies which have the capabilities to run multiple bonus rounds.

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