Optoma ZU506T-W 5000lm WUXGA DLP Laser Installation Projector

The Optoma ZU506T-W 5000lm WUXGA DLP Laser Installation Projector is a great way to replace a dim church projector or conference room projector with a high-definition image. This model’s versatility is enhanced by its ability to adjust its tilt and swivel to the screen. In addition, it has four corner correction, allowing you to adjust the lens angle to any degree within the projected image.

Compared to its competitors, this model is very bright, thanks to a 5,000-lumen lamp, four corner geometric correction, and vertical lens shift. This projector has a virtually maintenance-free operation, making it perfect for boardrooms, educational venues, and entertainment venues. In addition to being quiet and the compact size, it also features a 30,000-hour life and a wide color gamut.


The Optoma ZU506T is an affordable and high-quality laser installation projector that delivers 5,000 lumens. Its unique 50,000-hour lifespan makes it the perfect choice for professional installers, and its 20,000-hour lamp life means you can use it for as long as you like. With so many useful features, the ZU506T is an excellent choice for your next professional installation.

Best for home theatre

This 5000-lumen WUXGA DLP Laser Installation Projector is a great choice for your home theater. The resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels makes it an excellent choice for home theatres and educational applications alike. The projector’s full installation capabilities mean that you don’t have to worry about installation problems, and it has an impressive 20,000-lumen lamp.

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Long warranty

The Optoma ZU506T offers a long warranty and is ideal for small rooms. Its WUXGA resolution and 5000 ANSI lumens make it a good choice for presentations. The device is equipped with two HDMI inputs and 2 VGA ports for connecting devices. It has a few other ports for video and audio and includes a couple of VGA and composite video connections.

It offers an outstanding contrast ratio and a very bright picture, even in large venues. This model supports HDR, has excellent contrast and color accuracy, and has many connections. With a street price of $2,799, this is a great buy. If you’re looking for a high-end home theater high quality projector, look no further than Optoma ZU506TW-W.

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And this Optoma ZU506T 5000lm WUXGA DHD Laser Installation Projector is a great choice for home theaters and large commercial settings. The light source is extremely silent and the optics are very accurate. The light output of this projector is a bright and vivid white. The iris is highly adjustable and the lenses are adjustable.

The ZU506T-W is an exceptional projector with high contrast and detail. Its advanced software and e-mail alerts for routine maintenance are helpful for centralized reporting. In addition to all these features, the projector has a 20,000-hour rated laser light source. It also features a built-in speaker.

The ZU506T-W 5000LM WUXGA DLP Laser Installation Project Order a 4,000 lumen WUXGA DLP-WW 5000LM WUXGA D-LADXHD LCD for mid-priced business applications. Its 5,000-lumen brightness is ideal for home theaters, boardrooms, and conferences.

Good for theatre or office

It’s an excellent choice for a home theater or office and light-weight and quiet operation make it perfect for boardrooms. The projector’s WUXGA DXGA DLP-LA support lets you connect to the projector’s network and control it remotely. A DLP-LA compatible unit is perfect for a high-density environment, as it doesn’t generate different brightness levels and can last up to 20,000 hours without lamp replacement.

With an XPR technology, the Optoma ZU506T provides the most cost-effective DLP laser installation projector. This model’s MTBF (Maximum Time of Use) is 100,000 hours. Moreover, the BU50NST’s wide zoom range allows you to set the lens to the exact angle you want to adjust.

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