Prepare for winter by learning – How to clean long-haired carpets

The winter begins to arrive at the end of September, and while there are still a few fortnights of sunshine, many of us consider putting away our nice summer carpets and bringing out coats for the floor of our homes. We want to get out of bed and place our bare feet on a soft, long-haired rug to keep us warm.

We want to cover the floor completely so that no one steps on an icy tile or board by accident. Shaggy rugs, such as our Shaggy line, are required for this. Do you, on the other hand, know how to clean long-haired rugs? Otherwise, choose the best carpet cleaning company Surrey. We’re getting ready for the winter!

Long-pile rug peculiarities

Fur rugs are perfect for the colder months. On the one hand, they aid in the heating of the house and the conservation of heat within, much like a coat does. On the other hand, its comfort allows us to continue to go around barefoot, as we do in the summer, which we enjoy, especially when we first wake up.

Hair rugs, on the other hand, have the problem of being dirt magnets. Because of the shape of their fabric, dust in suspension settles more on them than on any other surface, or dirt from our shoes settles more easily.

This makes cleaning it more difficult, and we’ll have to take some precautions to keep it from staining more than it should.

Is it necessary to vacuum or shake a shaggy rug on a regular basis?

If a regular carpet should be vacuumed once or twice a week, shag carpets should be vacuumed once or twice a week. Let’s assume they get dirty more quickly, so a thin layer of dust, hair, or grit will need to be removed shortly.

However, we would like to bring your attention to the vacuum cleaner’s consumed power. Unlike exquisite rugs, such as the Alhambra discussed in the circular rug page, pile carpets can be ruined if the fibers are pulled too firmly.

If our vacuum cleaner includes a power regulator, it’s best to vacuum at medium power or with the largest nozzle we have. Another tip for vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner is to avoid making rapid motions on the fabric. Instead of vacuuming in straight lines from one side of the carpet to the other, go inch by inch, raising the vacuum and allowing it to fall on the surface to be vacuumed. We avoid stretching the strands this way.

We’ll also have to shake a pile carpet more frequently than one without. This prevents dirt from penetrating to the bottom, where vacuuming will be more difficult.

If we come across a spot, we will recommend you to the article on how to remove a stain from a carpet. This other article regarding animals and clean carpets is almost necessary reading if you have a pet at home, albeit we will touch on something in this piece.

What can we do to keep our shag carpeting from staining?

The phrase goes, “It is not the cleanest who cleans the most, but the one who dirties the least.” And, if we want to maintain the shag rug clean, we should do everything we can to avoid dirt from building on it.

We told parents who wanted to play on the carpet with their kids that they should leave their shoes at the front door. We introduce everything we have walked on on the street when we go around the house in street shoes. This can be solved by placing a shoe rack with house slippers near the front door.

Pets have one or more extremely cozy places in many houses. A unique pillow, a blanket or rug made especially for them, and even custom sofas are all possibilities. We frequently let them to climb on the couches or the bed. Even so, it is easier to remove the hairs since they become entangled in long-haired carpets and are difficult to remove.

A small rug beneath the table is preferable

Thin carpets are more pleasant for the eating area, even though they are less ideal for the cold. These become significantly less dirty than shag rugs, which are much more difficult to clean due to stains and food particles. Keep in mind that we frequently step on the carpet with the dining table, making cleaning it more difficult. This weight also produces a stain on shag rugs.

During the colder months, we look for rugs to help warm up our homes a little, and thick and dark carpets are particularly helpful. We do not, however, desire to be enslaved by its hygiene.

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